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Chinese Immigrants In Africa Are Eating This Rare Pangolin Into Extinction

AFRICANGLOBE - The news that over 7,500 kilograms of pangolin scales have been seized in the last five years in Cameroon has again brought to light the devastating reach of international poaching and trafficking in Africa. Even more shocking, this month, was the seizure in Vietnam of 2,500 kg of pangolin scales in just one consignment from Nigeria, which the federal government has decided to investigate.

Zimbabwe Seeks Extradition Of American Poacher Over Lion’s Death

AFRICANGLOBE - Zimbabwe has called for the extradition of Walter Palmer, the poacher from Minnesota who has gone into hiding amid a global outpouring of anger after he shot dead Cecil the lion.

China Unwilling to Help Stop Poaching in Africa

China and Vietnam are reluctant to enact strict laws to stop their citizens from purchasing elephant tusks and rhino horns from Africa. The two...