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Man Stops To Help Crash Victims, So Cops Detain Him And...

AFRICANGLOBE - Benjamin Davis III was driving to work this week when he watched a car crash in front of him losing control and begin flipping off the road. Being the good person that he is, Davis stopped to help and could very well be the reason the passenger of the vehicle survived.

Shocking Abuse: Man Tied Up And Put Inside A Body Bag...

AFRICANGLOBE - NYPD officers were caught on camera tying up a man before dumping him into a body bag and sealing it shut. An onlooker filmed the bizarre encounter in the West Village on March 18 and posted it to YouTube on Thursday.

Blackonomics…The Change We’ve Been Waiting For

AFRICANGLOBE - In light of the conversations about police abuse, unwarranted stops and arrests, and homicide cases involving Black people and police officers, many Black people get angry, maybe have a march, and then go home to await the next incident. Some of our organizations do their usual thing by making loud threatening statements and then get back in line until the next crisis hits. Amos Wilson said, “Until our behavior changes, the behavior of those who oppress and abuse us will not change.” In other words, the onus for change is on us.

9 Revolting Videos Of Police Officers Abusing People (Just From Last...

AFRICANGLOBE - Give a person a gun, tell them they can kill anyone they perceive as a threat to their safety, and what are you left with? An unsurprisingly toxic police culture in which some officers feel free to abuse their power.