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Time To End Laws That Help Police Get Away With Murder

AFRICANGLOBE - California is widely believed to be one of the most progressive states in the country. But it’s also home to some of the most unjust laws in the nation, which allow police officers and prison guards to commit violence and even murder while remaining insulated from accountability — specifically when it comes to police misconduct and violence against the public they are supposed to protect and serve.

VIDEO: Belligerent Thug Cop Instigating Confrontation With Black Man Is Everything...

AFRICANGLOBE - A video uploaded to Facebook this week epitomizes the current state of policing in America today. In spite of no crime being committed, a belligerent Orlando cop lost his temper and proceeded to unleash several minutes of a profane tirade on an innocent man — going so far as to try to instigate a fight and assault him with pepper spray.

‘I Can’t Breathe!’ Video Shows White Cops Torturing Black Man In...

AFRICANGLOBE - Footage from the Montgomery County Jail in Dayton, Ohio, shows police officers repeatedly pepper-spraying a Black man in a restraint chair during the booking process. The footage, published by local community activist David Esrati, was captured on several CCTV cameras in the jail and on a hand-held camera used by one of the officers to film the booking process. In the footage officers are shown searching him and taking off his shoes and socks, before placing him in a seven-point restraint chair. Sometime during the restraining procedure an altercation ensues, and one of the officers shoots a paper-spray jet at the 37-year-old’s face at point blank range.

A Closer Look At The Police Officers Who Kill

AFRICANGLOBE - To start, male officers, white officers, those working in larger cities and those who are military veterans are more likely than female officers, racial and ethnic minorities, those in smaller communities and non-veterans to fire their service weapon while on duty.

Man Shot Five Times By Chicago Cops After Calling 911 To...

AFRICANGLOBE - A man was shot fives times by Chicago police officers after he angered them by calling 911. On Feb. 7, 2015, Antwon D. Golatte was stopped on the South Side by Chicago police for an alleged traffic violation. Three other police officers – Jaime Gaeta, Harry Matheos and Matt Dercola – soon arrived on the scene. Golatte, a Black man, says he called 911 as soon as he saw them, because he recognized the three as the officers who stopped him two days earlier. In that stop, the officers dumped his pizza on the ground and made him stand barefoot in the snow while they searched his car.

Riots In France After Black Man Is Beaten And Raped By...

AFRICANGLOBE - Riots broke out on Saturday evening in the poor housing estate in Aulnay-sous-Bois, in the northeastern suburbs of Paris, in protest against police brutality. Four officers have been charged with using excessive violence and raping an innocent 22-year-old, Théo, with a police baton.

Protests Erupt In France After Black Man Is Beaten And Raped...

AFRICANGLOBE - A 22-year-old Black youth worker was arrested in France and allegedly raped with a baton, leading to accusations of police brutality and street protests calling for justice. Theo suffered severe anal injuries which required surgery. He also suffered injuries to the head and face. Interior Minister Bruno Le Roux confirmed late on Sunday that all four officers had been suspended during the investigation, adding that exemplary conduct and respect "must guide the behaviour of security forces at all times".

Too Long: NYPD Thugs To Start Wearing Body Cameras In 2019

AFRICANGLOBE - A new contract agreement between Mayor Bill de Blasio and the New York Police Department’s union, will require 20,000 officers to wear body cameras under the country’s largest body camera program. While the agreement still has to be ratified by NYPD's nearly 24,000 police union members, it envisages that all officers below the rank of sergeant will wear body cameras by the end of 2019.

Racist Detroit Cop Calls Citizens ‘Garbage’, Brags About Hitting ‘Kids’

AFRICANGLOBE - A veteran Detroit Police Officer is being investigated for calling residents of the city ‘garbage‘ and for boasting about using physical violence against children. Racist Daniel Wolff made the inflammatory statements on Facebook under an article published on the Motorcity Muckraker website which revealed that a record number of Detroit police now live outside of the city.

Philadelphia Cop Caught On Video Repeatedly Punching Teen Girl In The...

AFRICANGLOBE - A police officer in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania is being investigated after repeatedly punching a juvenile during a street fight. The incident was captured on video and posted on multiple social networks.

Sick Cops Tase Disabled Woman Causing Her To Fall From Wheelchair...

AFRICANGLOBE - Caught on video deploying a Taser against a mother in a wheelchair simply recording her daughter’s arrest, several deputies from the Harris County Sheriff’s Office are under an internal affairs investigation for needlessly attacking the disabled woman. Instead of treating her like a human being, the deputies can clearly be seen grabbing her cellphone and throwing it away before tasing the disabled woman until she collapsed out of her wheelchair.

Thug Cop Caught On Video Punching A Woman In The Face

AFRICANGLOBE - An Arizona police officer has been given paid vacation after shocking video footage of him violently punching a woman in the face emerged online. The graphic video shows two police officers attempting to arrest the woman outside a house in the city of Flagstaff. The woman repeatedly asks why she is being arrested and if there is a warrant out against her.

Graphic Video Shows Cops Savagely Beating A Man As Their Dog...

AFRICANGLOBE - A graphic video has surfaced showing a half dozen police officer beating a man while their K9 tore into him. The El Centro Police Department has since opened an investigation. The video shows multiple police officers around suspect. The officers are seen beating the man with batons as the man recording pleaded with them to stop.

Colin Kaepernick Starts Black Panther-Inspired Youth Camp To Teach Kids To...

AFRICANGLOBE - After earning both soaring praise and burning ire for sitting out the national anthem, San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick has turned his protest against police brutality into a positive force for change — by opening an education-based camp to empower kids.

Off-Duty Black Officer Brutalized By Fellow Cops Who Racially Profiled Him

AFRICANGLOBE - Off-duty police officer Robert Parker was walking away from a nearby mall where a man had been shot and wounded just minutes before. A police officer pulled up beside him, threw him to the ground, and punched him in the head despite Parker passively complying to all commands and attempting to identify himself as a fellow officer.

FBI Director James Comey Rejects Notion Of Epidemic Of Police Violence...

AFRICANGLOBE - People who think police shootings are becoming a national epidemic "have no idea" what they're talking about because there currently is no federal data to indicate whether that's really the case, FBI Director James Comey said recently. He made the stark comments at the International Chiefs of Police Conference in San Diego, speaking before thousands of law enforcement officials from across the United States and overseas.