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Philadelphia Cop Exposed As White Supremacist With Ties To Neo-Nazis

AFRICANGLOBE - It is obvious from his past association with Blood and Honour, his Nazi tattoos, his cosplaying a Third Reich soldier and his reactionary, racist, anti-communist photoshops that Philadelphia cop Ian Hans Lichterman is an extreme danger to the people of Philadelphia (especially Black People) as long as he has a gun and a badge.

Race Soldiers Have Been Infiltrating Police Departments For Years –...

AFRICANGLOBE - Many have said it for years, but now the Federal Bureau of Investigation is claiming that police departments have been deliberately infiltrated by racist, white supremacist organizations. The claim comes after what the FBI says has been nearly a decade of federal law enforcement’s confirmed and documented acts of infiltration by white supremacist groups into American police departments.

Obama Announces Restrictions On Distribution Of Military Weapons To Police

AFRICANGLOBE - President Obama is banning local police departments from receiving a range of military-style equipment from the federal government -- from grenade launchers to bayonets to certain armored vehicles -- as he implements the recommendations of a panel that examined the controversial gear giveaways in the wake of the paramilitary crackdown on Ferguson.

American Cops More Heavily Armed Than Combat Soldiers In War Zones

AFRICANGLOBE - Rafael Rivera – who served in the U.S. Army for seven years – writes "The police in Ferguson have better armor and weaponry than my men and I did in the middle of a war. And Ferguson isn’t alone — police departments across the US are armed for war ". In some places local police departments are more heavily armed than the National Guard.

Police In The US Kill Citizens At Over 70 Times The...

AFRICANGLOBE - While violence among citizens has dropped, violence against citizens carried out by police has been rising sharply. It is becoming quite clear that police in the US can and will kill people, even unarmed people, even on video, and do so with impunity.

Philadelphia Police Shot Nearly Four Hundred People Over The Past Eight...

AFRICANGLOBE - On Monday, the US Justice Department’s Office of Community Oriented Policing Services released a report revealing that over the past eight years, Philadelphia Police Department officers were involved in 394 shootings, amounting to about one per week. Monday’s report is only the latest in a series of Justice Department documents revealing the criminal activities of local police departments, including Albuquerque, Cleveland, Ferguson, and now Philadelphia.

Naked Black Man Gunned Down By Georgia Police Officer

AFRICANGLOBE - A naked man who was apparently unarmed was shot and killed by a police officer on Monday at an apartment complex in Chamblee, Ga., northeast of Atlanta, the authorities said.

The Palestinianization Of Blacks In The United States

AFRICANGLOBE - What we have going on here in America is an ongoing counter-insurgency war by the dominant Anglo-American U.S. government against the minority Black peoples. What we have here is the Palestinianization of Blacks in the United States.

Post-Racial America Is BS – Spike Lee

AFRICANGLOBE - Spike Lee calls it like he sees it. And he recently stated that a post-racial America is “bullsh*t” and police departments don’t treat all Americans equally. He also took a swipe at the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” TV show, saying it highlights the “destruction of the modern world.”

So This Happened: NYC Teachers Wear Pro-NYPD Shirts To Protest Eric...

AFRICANGLOBE - In the wake of hundreds of protests to curb police brutality by police departments nationwide, hundreds of teachers in Staten Island, NY plan to wear pro-NYPD shirts the first week of school. The educators are wearing the shirts in protest against their union’s backing of an Eric Garner march that occurred in August.

America: When Being Black Is A Crime

AFRICANGLOBE - Black Americans learned Obama's political strategy on race early in his first term, Obama seems obsessed with convincing White Americans that he is not here to take their privilege away, rather than recognising that, pragmatically, America still has enough deeply held racial biases that he will be perceived as a race man by some, no matter what he does.

The Poisonous Racism Driving Protests In Ferguson And The Rest Of...

AFRICANGLOBE For decades, Missouri has spawned or attracted many of the nation's most virulent racists, including neo-Nazis and the remnants of the once-powerful Ku Klux Klan. Associated with violent criminality and crackpot religious extremism, these fringe groups could never wield much influence in the post-civil rights era. Beyond those marginalized outfits, however, exists another White supremacist group whose leaders have long enjoyed the patronage of right-wing Republican politicians.

Law Enforcement’s Shameful Campaign Against Black America

AFRICANGLOBE - Do not take the bait, now being peddled by the Missouri police to cover their tracks, that Michael Brown was approached because he matched a suspect description. In New York, the NYPD instructed officers to stop the “right people,” even if they did nothing to appear suspicious. And who were those “right people”? "Young Black men in their late teens, early twenties."

Hate Groups Have Infiltrated America’s Police Departments

AFRICANGLOBE - For those who believe we have evolved into a post-racial society where hate groups are now part of our collective past, think again. Hate groups are flourishing across the nation and its members are seemingly everywhere – including local police departments. Two police officers with the Fruitland Park Police Department near Orlando, Florida are no longer with the department because they were linked to the Ku Klux Klan.

The Militarization Of America’s Police Force

AFRICANGLOBE - Police departments, though, are adding more firepower and military gear than ever. Some, especially in larger cities, have used federal grant money to buy armored cars and other tactical gear. And the free surplus program remains a favorite of many police chiefs who say they could otherwise not afford such equipment.

US Government Using License Plates to Track Movements of Millions

AFRICANGLOBE - A report issued by the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) on Wednesday details an immense operation through which nearly 1 billion license plate records of hundreds of millions of drivers are tracked and huge databases are amassed, providing the American government with access to the history and recent whereabouts of the majority of the US population.