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80 Percent Of Police Force Resigns After Missouri Town Elects First...

AFRICANGLOBE - Former city clerk Tyrus Byrd was sworn in as mayor of Parma, Missouri on Tuesday only to find out that police officers, as well as the city attorney and a water treatment supervisor, had resigned before she took office. According to outgoing Mayor Randall Ramsey, who is stepping down after 37 years in town hall over two terms, the city employees gave no prior notice.

How Did America’s Police Forces Get So Scary And Omnipresent?

AFRICANGLOBE - The police were created to use violence to reconcile electoral democracy with industrial capitalism. Today, they are just one part of the “criminal justice” system that plays the same role. Their basic job is to enforce order among those with the most reason to resent the system — in our society today, disproportionately among poor Black people.

S. Sudan: Protesters and Police Clash Over Agreement With Sudan

Angry demonstrators have clashed with police forces in main city centre of Juba where the police fired live bullets to disperse the protest. The protestors...

Breaking News – Sudan Protests Start Amid Reports of Crackdown

Protests broke out as planned following Friday's prayer in different parts of Sudan's capital Khartoum as well as two regional towns amid reports of...

British Institutions to Face Prosecution For Deaths in Their Custody

Police Forces, Prisons and youth detention centres in Britain will now face prosecution for “corporate homicide” if an individual dies in their custody as new laws comes into effect starting today.