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State Of Black America: Injustice ‘On Every Front’

AFRICANGLOBE - Justice for African Americans was challenged “on every front” in the past year according to a report released Thursday — especially in terms of accountability for police misconduct, erosion of voting rights and widening economic gaps. “Simply put, the state of Black America is in crisis,”

Murders And Money – The Gantt Report

AFRICANGLOBE - This is one of those Gantt Report columns that some people love to hate. Many in our community never want to get hurt but the truth hurts! And, this column will.

South African Police Under Fire Again For Handcuffing and Dragging Man...

AFRICANGLOBE - The South African police force is involved in yet another scandal, at a time when international attention to its actions is higher than ever. Sadly police misconduct seems to be a common practice, as officers demonstrated when they handcuffed Mido Macia to the back of a truck and dragged him along a road, resulting in his eventual death.