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In Defense Of Sylville Smith, Murdered By The Milwaukee Police

AFRICANGLOBE - On Saturday August 13, 2016, a 23-year-old named Sylville Smith was gunned down by an unnamed officer from the Milwaukee Police Department. Mr. Smith was a young Black man, the father of a two year old son and was described as “a nice, good person. He was really respected.” Sylville Smith was a young Black man that lived in the “most segregated city in America.” He was a brother that was raised in Milwaukee, where more Black men are incarcerated than in any other city in the nation.

Cops Who Covered-Up Laquan McDonald Murder Should Be Fired Not Charged...

AFRICANGLOBE - Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson has called for seven city police officers to be fired for making false reports in the murder of Laquan McDonald, a spokesman for the department announced Thursday.

Protecting Killer Cops: NC Gov. Sign Bill To Keep Police Body...

AFRICANGLOBE - As expected, North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory signed into law a body-camera legislation that essentially defeats the purpose of having body cameras in the first place. Everybody is sick of police officers murdering Black people and using excessive force and not being held accountable. Body cameras are a way to hold police accountable. A bunch of local governments started ordering body cameras and devising sensible policies for how and when body camera footage should be released to the general public. Then a bill surfaced this session that gives near-complete authority over the release of those videos to the police department—the very people body cameras are meant to hold accountable.

Graphic Video Shows The Moment Alton Sterling Is Held Down And...

AFRICANGLOBE - A graphic cell phone video showing two white police officers executing Alton Sterling at point blank range early Tuesday morning has prompted outrage in a Baton Rouge community. While the first video was enough to enrage the community, a new video, released Wednesday afternoon, is absolutely horrifying.