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‘I Can’t Breathe!’ Video Shows White Cops Torturing Black Man In...

AFRICANGLOBE - Footage from the Montgomery County Jail in Dayton, Ohio, shows police officers repeatedly pepper-spraying a Black man in a restraint chair during the booking process. The footage, published by local community activist David Esrati, was captured on several CCTV cameras in the jail and on a hand-held camera used by one of the officers to film the booking process. In the footage officers are shown searching him and taking off his shoes and socks, before placing him in a seven-point restraint chair. Sometime during the restraining procedure an altercation ensues, and one of the officers shoots a paper-spray jet at the 37-year-old’s face at point blank range.

Jon Burge, Ex-Chicago Cop Who Ran Torture Ring, Released From Prison

AFRICANGLOBE - A former Chicago police commander who for decades ran a torture ring that used electrical shock, burning and beatings on more than 100 black men has been released from federal prison after spending less than four years behind bars.

South Africa: Police Torture Takes Centre Stage

The news that the South African police are assaulting miners arrested in connection with demonstrations at Marikana should not surprise us, says a Wits...

South African Police Accused of Torturing Marikana Miners

Battered and bruised, jailed ­survivors of the Marikana mine massacre were systematically “tortured” by police this week. Shocking details of alleged ­police torture in cells...