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Thug Cop Caught On Video Punching Unarmed Man For Nothing

AFRICANGLOBE - Lowell Poitier Jr., a 35-year old unarmed man, was almost thrown to the ground when a Hispanic police officer punched him in the face during an argument because he allegedly felt threatened. A video of the incident was released by a fellow police officer, who is now demanding to be under whistle-blower protection.

Man Arrested For ‘Laughing While Black’ — Then Forced To Clean...

AFRICANGLOBE - An Ohio city agreed to pay $80,000 to settle a First Amendment lawsuit filed by a Black man who said police took him into custody for laughing at officers — and made up claims about him to justify the arrest.

Mother Who Was Assaulted By NYPD Thugs Released From Rikers Island

AFRICANGLOBE - A judge on Tuesday ordered the release of a mother jailed after police violently pulled her toddler son from her arms in a videotaped encounter in the crowded waiting room of a New York City social services office.

DISTURBING VIDEO Shows NYPD Thugs Ripping 1yo Baby From Mother’s Arms

AFRICANGLOBE - Disturbing eyewitness footage of a group of NYPD police officers wrestling an infant child away from his mother on the floor of a benefits office in New York as sparked outrage online and among city politicians.

FBI Director James Comey Rejects Notion Of Epidemic Of Police Violence...

AFRICANGLOBE - People who think police shootings are becoming a national epidemic "have no idea" what they're talking about because there currently is no federal data to indicate whether that's really the case, FBI Director James Comey said recently. He made the stark comments at the International Chiefs of Police Conference in San Diego, speaking before thousands of law enforcement officials from across the United States and overseas.

Alton Sterling—One More Black Man Murdered By White Cops

AFRICANGLOBE - “If you f*cking move, I swear to God!” Alton Sterling was standing alone, his arms outstretched at his sides, when a Baton Rouge police officer rushed and tackled him to the ground. A second quickly joined and, moments later, Sterling lay bleeding to death from multiple gunshot wounds to the chest and back.

5 Facts Exposing The Media’s Lies About Police Shootings

AFRICANGLOBE - A report by the FBI detailing a racial breakdown of the number of people who kill police show that the majority of those were white. Over the last three years, of the 147 police officers killed by people, only 56 of the assailants were Black, even though 70 percent to 80 percent of police interactions are with non-white citizens.

The Truth About Police Violence Against Blacks In America

AFRICANGLOBE - Black Americans make up only 13 percent of the population, yet they are the victims in 26 percent of all police shootings. That is nearly 3 times the rate of whites. The outrage by the Black protest movement is founded in statistical evidence which shows that the system inherently and with extreme bias disproportionately targets Blacks.

Farrakhan Urges Retaliation For Police Violence Against Blacks

AFRICANGLOBE - “Retaliation is a prescription from God to calm the breast of those whose children have been enslaved. So, if the federal government will not intercede in our affairs, then we must rise up and kill those who kill us. Stalk them and kill them and let them feel the pain of death that we are feeling!”

Grand Jury Witnesses Told Not To Mention Police “Chokehold” In Eric...

AFRICANGLOBE - July 17 will mark exactly one year since a police chokehold in the New York City borough of Staten Island led to the death of Eric Garner, a 43-year-old father of six. The killing of Garner was caught on video and fueled national and international outrage over police violence and brutality.

The Paramilitary Occupation Of America

AFRICANGLOBE - The obscene regularity of police murders in the United States has reached the point where it is appropriate to speak of the police as an occupying army, whose daily violence and brutality can best be described as a war against the country’s Black population.

Inspired By Ferguson Afro-Brazilians Take To The Streets To Protest Police...

AFRICANGLOBE - The fight against institutional racism and police brutality went international and arrived in Brazil, where police lethality is not new nor are street protests against state violence. Inspired by the movement that erupted in the US against police violence, thousands of young Black men and women take to the streets in São Paulo, protesting their greatest tormentor, the Military Police.

The New York Shooting And The Bid To Outlaw Opposition To...

AFRICANGLOBE - Asked in his press conference Monday what his attitude was toward protesters who called officers murderers and racists, de Blasio indicated that those who “say inappropriate things, who say hateful things,” are to be reported to the police as criminals. He insisted that the way to “contribute to making things better” in a democracy is to “show respect and support for our police.”

Cleveland Killings Highlight Epidemic of Police Violence in U.S.

AFRICANGLOBE - In Cleveland, Ohio on November 29, Malissa Williams and Timothy Russell, both unarmed, were killed in a hail of 137 bullets fired by 13 officers. On December 15, Chicago police shot and killed Jamaal Moore, who was unarmed, after they struck him with a police car. On August 11, police chased down and executed Darrius Kennedy in broad daylight in New York City.