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Of Dreams And Wars

AFRICANGLOBE - One aspect of Emperor Haile Selassie I’s dream has been realised. Africa has attained its political independence. But until there is economic independence, until the people of Africa can enjoy the benefits of having diamonds and oil, until Africa’s leaders are responsive to the needs of their citizens more than they are to the needs of Europe, Asia and America, until we can work in solidarity to boot out the divisive elements causing strife in the DRC, Mozambique, Somalia and others; until then there can only be one thing as we pursue our dream. WAR!

Africa Needs a Paradigm Shift

AFRICANGLOBE - The trade arrangement between Africa and the rest of the world is not driven by forces of demand and supply but rather it is one of the horse and the rider, with Africa being the former. Africa has remained a net exporter of raw materials such as crude oil, cocoa, coffee, tobacco and many other primary production commodities which also include minerals and timber.

Land Issue Could Spark Violence in South Africa

AFRICANGLOBE - South Africa might have gained its political independence two decades ago, but unlike its neighbour Zimbabwe, the rainbow nation has shamefully failed to deal with the land issue in A manner that empowers the African majority.