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African Nations Need Regional Solutions, Not Misguided Advice From The West

AFRICANGLOBE - Western political leaders and media are often quick to make demands of African states and their leaders while completely absolving the “rebels” in the bush. Rebel leaders are customarily romanticized in the traditions of Fidel Castro’s adulation. In contrast, state leaders are handed long lists of programs to follow and implement in total disregard of the real situation on the ground and the prevailing circumstances.

Zimbabwe Opposition in Tatters As President Mugabe Heads for Election Victory

AFRICANGLOBE - A grand coalition to unseat President Robert Mugabe is failing to materialise because some political leaders are pushing for self-serving agendas rather than national interest, analysts have noted.

Some South Africans Protest Obama Visit

AFRICANGLOBE - When Obama arrives in Johannesburg on Friday, he should expect a sideshow beside his warm welcome by South African dignitaries. Some South African groups, student organizations, unions and other political organizations are planning what they hope will be large protests of Obama's visit.