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Texas Jail Authorities Ban 15,000 Books… But Allow Hitler’s ‘Mein Kampf’

AFRICANGLOBE - The 140,000 inmates in Texas state prisons are reportedly denied access to some 15,000 books banned by the authorities – but it seem convicts can still easily get hold of a copy of Adolf Hitler's racist diatribe ‘Mein Kampf’. The TDCJ permits prisoners to read many of the most racist books ever written, including David Duke’s ‘My Awakening'.

How Long Can Eritrea Remain a Closed State?

AFRICANGLOBE - Calm has returned today, but with scrutiny on Eritrea's political prisoners and thousands attempting to flee the country every year, Afewerki's control will continue to diminish if things stay the same. Calm has returned to Eritrea the day after dissident soldiers seized the information ministry and called for the release of political prisoners. Although it is notoriously difficult to verify reports from Eritrea given severe media restrictions, it is believed that the mutineers stood down once their terms were accepted by the government.