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Europeans Are Destroying The Planet, Not All Humans

AFRICANGLOBE - If you are not yet aware, I am happy to repeat: Caucasian nations have pushed the planet to the brink of utter destruction. However, they will print in their various media outlets in Europe, in the United States, in Canada, Australia, and even in some parts of Africa that “Humans” are responsible for climate change. That Humans are responsible for Global Warming. That Humans are responsible for the destruction of more than sixty percent of the world species in the past one hundred years alone.

Kenya Named The World’s Least Toxic Country

AFRICANGLOBE - Kenya is world’s least toxic country according ranking by renewable energy firm The Eco Experts by the help of data obtained from the International Energy Agency and World Health Organization (WHO). In an article published on Newsweek, the east African nation topped a list that takes account of air pollution, energy consumption and renewable energy production.