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Catholic Church Finally Apologizes For Its Role In The Rwandan Genocide

AFRICANGLOBE - The Rwanda Catholic Church Sunday apologised for its priests’ role in the 1994 Genocide against Tutsis, which killed close to one million people. The apology contained in a statement signed by nine Catholic Bishops who constitute the Episcopal Council was read after mass on Sunday. Thousands had been killed inside churches and church compounds where they had sought refuge. Shortly after the genocide, a report by the Organisation of African Unity, now the African Union, described the Church in Rwanda as carrying a “heavy responsibility” for failing to oppose, and even promoting ethnic discrimination. Since 1996, several clergy members of the Church have been convicted of genocide and crimes against humanity by Rwandan courts.

German Catholic Archdiocese Richer Than The Vatican

AFRICANGLOBE - The Roman Catholic archdiocese of Cologne in Germany has disclosed it is worth $3.82 billion), making it richer than the Vatican. Publication of the first full report of its wealth reflects greater financial transparency within the German Church since Pope Francis removed a bishop in Limburg

Secrets Of The Vatican – Corruption, Scandals And Child Molestation

AFRICANGLOBE -Because the Vatican is essentially a closed religious community that is also its own state, the dysfunction it exhibits closely resembles allegations about what takes place in many religious communities that completely control entire neighborhoods.

Pope Francis Asks Forgiveness For Priests Who Raped Children

AFRICANGLOBE - Pope Francis made his strongest condemnation yet of sexual abuse by Catholic clergy on Friday, asking for forgiveness and pledging to impose penalties on "men of the church" who harm children.

Pope Francis Officially Sanctions Homosexuality

AFRICNAGLOBE - Pope Francis reached out to gays on Monday, saying he wouldn't judge priests for their sexual orientation in a remarkably open and wide-ranging news conference as he returned from his first foreign trip.

New Pope Already Embroiled In Kidnapping Controversy

AFRICANGLOBE - The election of Pope Francis, previously Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio, has resurfaced a decades-old controversy surrounding the kidnappings of two Jesuit priests. Bergoglio was a high-ranking official in the Society of Jesus of Argentina when a military junta was installed in the South American country in 1976.