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Africa Will Have Just One Low Income Country By 2050

AFRICANGLOBE - As the second-fastest growing region in the world, Africa has enjoyed robust economic growth in recent years. Most African countries that are today considered low income will transit to middle income within 15 years.

West Africa’s Three Up-And-Coming Investment Cities

AFRICANGLOBE - Booming West African cities such as Lagos, Abuja and Accra have received a great deal of attention and FDI over the past decade in response to their population growth, economic growth, dynamism and promise. While we expect to see these cities continue as primary investment destinations, domestic and foreign investors alike are always looking for the next big thing

More White Americans Dying Than Being Born

AFRICANGLOBE - More white Americans are dying than being born for the first time in modern history—suggesting minorities and newcomers will play an important role in fueling the population growth America's recovering economy needs to thrive.

Africa’s Population to Hit Two Billion By 2050

Sub-Saharan Africa's population is expected to hit the two-billion mark in the next four decades, which will result in more than a fifth of the world population being African, Standard Bank research analyst, Simon Freemantle, has said.