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Genetic Annihilation: White People Are Dying Out In These 17 States

AFRICANGLOBE - In 2014, more white people died than were born in 17 American states, a new high, according to a new study. Non-Hispanic white deaths in states that represent 38 percent of the US population have surpassed white birth rates, according to new research by the Carsey School of Public Policy at the University of New Hampshire.

These Ten Countries Will Dominate The World By 2050

AFRICANGLOBE - Population Reference Bureau has published a report of the most populous countries in the world in 2050. Find out the top 10 nations.

16 New Facts About Africa’s Population That You Need To Know

AFRICANGLOBE - The world’s population is currently estimated to be 7.3 billion—with one billion of these added in just the last 12 years. Sixteen per cent, or 1.2 billion of those people live in Africa, while the vast majority of 4.4 billion, or 60% are in Asia. This gap will be steadily and determinedly chipped at this century.

Migrant Haters Of Europe, You Might Want To Run And Hide,...

AFRICANGLOBE - Europe's population is steadily shrinking. And with data from the UN suggesting migrants be the answer, it might be a good idea to treat them well. Listening to British and other European right-wing politicians, you might think migrants are the plague.

Fact Check: How Many People Live In Africa?

AFRICANGLOBE - How many people are there in Africa? What is the continent’s projected population over the next ten, twenty and hundred years? And how accurate are population forecasts?

Recognizing Population Control In Ethiopia

AFRICANGLOBE - Ethiopia has a population of over 84 million, which makes the Eastern African nation the 14th largest country in the world. By way of contrast, the State of California has a population of just over 38 million people. But Ethiopia has plenty of room: they have a population density of 79 people per square kilometer, compared to 260 people per square kilometer in the much richer United Kingdom.

Planning for Africa’s Population Surge Will Limit Affect – Experts

Nearly all the expected surge in the world's population from 7 billion people to 9 billion by 2050 will come in urban areas of...

Eye On Urbanisation – Nigeria

In 2008, for the first time in human history, the number of people living in urban areas outstripped the rural population; however, the same will not occur in Africa until nearly 2050. Even so, Africa's cities are urbanising at a profound rate, reaching 40% in 2012, up from 19% in 1960.