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Bound Bodies Of Enslaved Africans Discovered In Portuguese Dump – Archaelogists

AFRICANGLOBE - In the early 15th century, Portuguese pirates like Henry the Navigator began sailing to Africa, bringing back both goods and enslaved people. A new archaeological study of more than 150 skeletons dumped in Lagos, Portugal, reveals that many of the enslaved Africans were not given proper burials and that several of them may even have been tied up at death.

How Eusebio’s Soccer Exploits Challenged European And African Identities

AFRICANGLOBE - "Portugal's greatest ever player was an African," the brilliant Uruguayan writer Eduardo Galeano noted of Eusébio da Silva Ferreira, the Mozambican soccer legend who died Sunday aged 71. And while it is commonplace, today, for the football fortunes of European nations to depend heavily on African players, it was Eusébio who blazed that trail.

Angolan Shoppers Keeping Portugal’s Luxury Retailers Alive

AFRICANGLOBE - Angola's deep-pocketed elites are a boon for luxury retailers in recession-struck Portugal, where the central bank in January predicted a further drop in consumer spending for 2013.

Colonization In Reverse: Portuguese Cry Foul As Angola Flexes Its Economic...

AFRICANGLOBE - Portuguese journalists are increasingly concerned by Angola's growing investment and influence in their country. Buoyed by petrodollars and diamonds, powerful Angolan interests have been indulging in a buying spree in their former colonial power.

Rich Angolans Living in Luxury in Portugal

Displays of wealth by newly rich Angolans have become legendary in Portugal in recent years. Angolan leaders and their families and business associates have...