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White People, If You’re Not Part Of The Solution, You’re Part...

AFRICANGLOBE - I ask my fellow white people, how much worse is it going to have to get before we take accountability for our racism and actively engage in dismantling it? As hard as this may be to hear, we, white people, are the originators of racism in America. While we do not have an exclusive monopoly on racism, we sit at the top of the racism food chain, and we are the ones with the power to end it.

Why America’s Race Problem Wont Go Away

AFRICANGLOBE - Blacks make up about 14 percent of America’s population, yet are the majority of those incarcerated, being killed, who are homeless, who are unemployed. And it’s all happening under a president who identifies himself as Black, but who doesn’t have the interests of Black folks at heart.

State Of Black America A ‘Tale Of Two Nations’

AFRICANGLOBE - "The recession is, 'over', except that the recession is still raging in many urban communities," Despite annual increases in high school graduation and college attendance rates, unemployment figures for Blacks are as high as 20 percent in seven of the country's largest cities. The current national unemployment rate is 5.5 percent.

Obama In Post-Black America

AFRICANGLOBE - Many Americans, but Blacks in particular, expected that great achievements would follow from the election of Barack Obama. While few, if any, expected that the race problem would disappear, quite a few expected the fulfilment of Martin Luther King’s dream. It was assumed that “freedom” had finally come, and that Jim Crow and the colour bar would be anachronisms of the past. There is now a great deal of disappointment among some naive Black folk.

Post-Racial America Is BS – Spike Lee

AFRICANGLOBE - Spike Lee calls it like he sees it. And he recently stated that a post-racial America is “bullsh*t” and police departments don’t treat all Americans equally. He also took a swipe at the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” TV show, saying it highlights the “destruction of the modern world.”

“Post-Racial America” Is A Dangerous Lie: Why The Fantasy Is Naive,...

AFRICANGLOBE - Florida’s justice system pimped Creshuna Miles for her body type and flawed perspective. I’m not angry with Creshuna Miles, but I know her thinking, uninformed as it is, is dangerous. That she felt compelled as a Black female in the case to come out and insist on all the ways that it wasn’t about race suggests how deeply it is about race.

Racist Tea Partiers Claim African Americans Take Advantage Of Slavery

AFRICANGLOBE - Last Wednesday, on the anniversary of the official end of slavery in America, a teabag leader from New Mexico sparked a minor controversy when she suggested that African Americans take advantage of the horrid legacy of slavery to garner some kind of benefits from the rest of America, probably the government as if it is owed to them.

Charlie Rangel Is Right: The Tea Party Is Full Of ‘White...

To borrow from Rachel Jeantel, a political organization that lures and attracts White racists cannot help but be full of “creepy ass crackas”. Representative Charlie Rangel simply stated a plain on the face truth about the Tea Party that is supported by a critical mass of evidence—anecdotal, systematic, and empirical.

Zimmerman Trial; Paula Deen; Voting Rights Assault: What “Post-Racial” America

AFRICANGLOBE - The George Zimmerman trial, the overturning of the Voting Rights Act, Paula Dean’s flare up, angry debates over citizenship in immigration reform: This week, we’re seeing any idealist’s hope of a post-racial future disappear the way of the floppy disk.

Acting White?: Rethinking Race in Post-Racial America

AFRICANGLOBE - A couple of months ago I talked about a theory suggesting that African American youth equate academic success with “acting White” Now, we’ve all heard the term “acting White” tossed around in our community, and may even remember when a younger Chris Rock took Bryant Gumbel to task for allegedly acting ‘too White”