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Susan Rice’s Profile Defies Republican Caricatures

AFRICANGLOBE - As UN ambassador Susan Rice is caricatured by Republicans and the media as too blunt and incompetent to be appointed as Secretary...

China’s Exim Bank: Africa’s Largest Lender Seeks an Even Bigger Role

Already the largest stakeholder in Africa's export-import bank, Beijing is cementing its role on the continent, with new loan pledges such as $20bn promised...

Joaquim Barbosa, Elected First Black President Of Brazil’s Supreme Court

AFRICANGLOBE - The judge overseeing a major corruption trial in Brazil has been appointed president of the Supreme Court, the first Black person to hold the post. Judge Joaquim Barbosa, who was born into a poor family, has been praised for his judicial independence.

‘Why South Korea Succeeded Where Uganda Failed’ – a Must Read...

A common argument to explain (the better term would be to "caricature") post independence failures in Africa is always in comparison to East Asia....

Benin President Yayi New African Union Chairman

Benin President Thomas Boni Yayi was elected the African Union Chairman Sunday, taking over the one-year post from Equatorial Guinea's President Teodoro Obiang Nguema, officials said. "I want to congratulate the new chairman of the African Union... Boni Yayi," said Obiang, the outgoing chairman, speaking after the official announcement at the AU summit meeting in the Ethiopian capital.

Huffington Post-AOL’s Black Voices Are Just More Corporate White Noise

The August rollout of Huffington Post - AOL’s “Black Voices” was not a good thing for those who want to see, well, more black voices on the internet.

Alleged Sex Attack Victim, Strikes Back: Strauss-Kahn Smiled Too Soon

He started smiling a bit too early. Now that Diallo has publicly spoken, is Strauss-Kahn still smiling? For several weeks Strauss-Kahn's operatives had been trashing the alleged sex attack victim in the media, especially through Rupert Murdoch's ragsheet the New York Post.

Oil Companies Prepare for a Post-Gaddafi Libya

The Washington Post last week noted that representatives of ConocoPhillips and other American oil companies recently met with a delegation from the so-called Transitional National Council based in “rebel”-held Benghazi. The executives reportedly received assurances that all the contracts they negotiated with the Libyan government would be honoured

Republican congressman Chris Lee resigns after topless Craigslist post

The 46-year-old New York representative resigned hours after the Gawker website reproduced a seemingly self-posed mobile phone picture of Lee's admittedly trim torso, which he sent to a woman on the Craigslist