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Mississippi: America’s Forgotten Underbelly

AFRICANGLOBE - As we empathize with the poor overseas, let us not forget places like Mississippi, where Blacks are struggling against daunting barriers here in the U.S. Life is tough in Mississippi, and poverty is extreme. The flight of (white) wealth from the capital city is evident. Employment opportunities and investments in Jackson are severely limited. Downtown Jackson only has a few businesses but, like many Black communities, it has an over-abundance of churches.

How Can The Richest Nation On Earth Tolerate Child Poverty For...

AFRICANGLOBE - During his 1964 State of the Union Address, President Lyndon Johnson said: "Unfortunately, many Americans live on the outskirts of hope — some because of their poverty, and some because of their color, and all too many because of both. Our task is to help replace their despair with opportunity.

Poverty in America: 20 Percent of African-Americans Live Without Bank Accounts

AFRICANGLOBE - Sabino Fuentes-Sanchez hid $25,000 all around his house because he didn't trust banks. Lasonia Christon receives her salary on a pre-paid debit card. Kim James was homeless for most of the past decade in part because she had no place to save money.

Tavis Smiley: Poverty is the New Slavery

According to a new report out this past week, poverty in America has reached its highest level since 1965. That so many Americans remain...

U.S. Seeing Highest Rates of Poverty in 50 Years

The level of poverty in the United States has likely risen to levels not seen since President Lyndon B. Johnson initiated the War on...

Poverty in America: The Subject Presidential Candidates Would Prefer to Ignore

U.S. decline in the world is no longer just a trend, but a fact. Cold statistics tell us that our young people “will never experience the prosperity we, their parents, did.” Yet, amidst growing misery, the American electoral process is flush with cash. “GOP candidates spent $12.5 million on television ads in Iowa alone, and Obama is raising a $1 billion war chest to fight the election.” Rich people’s money buys silence on poverty.