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Chinese PM Proposes China -Africa Cooperation Upgrade

AFRICANGLOBE - Chinese Premier Li Keqiang proposed yesterday that China and Africa earnestly boost collaboration in industry, finance, poverty reduction, ecological protection, people-to-people exchanges, and peace and security so as to create an upgraded version of their all-round cooperation.

Senator Cites Fried Chicken as One Reason Blacks Live in Poverty

AFRICANGLOBE - Democratic lawmakers couldn’t believe their ears as they listened to Sen. Vicki Marble, R-Fort Collins, deliver a long soliloquy explaining that more Blacks and Hispanics live in poverty, in part, because of fried chicken.

Africa’s Economic Boom Versus Poverty Reduction

AFRICANGLOBE - In spite of Africa's significant economic growth, expected to overtake the global average over the next three years, the World Bank has argued that it is up to the continent's leaders to convert the projected growth into poverty reduction.

How Wealthy Foreigners and Greedy Africans Bleed Africa

The amount of illicit financial flows out of Africa is staggering. According to estimates by Global Financial Integrity (GFI), these flows amounted to between...

Ethiopia’s Ecotourism Potential

Ethiopia is eyeing harnessing its ecotourism potential as an instrument in poverty reduction, according to the country's Minister of Culture and Tourism. Speaking at the...

Africa: Jobs, Justice and Equity

Africa is rising and African economies are growing faster than those of almost any other region in the world. However, the current pattern of...