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South Africa Inaugurates Massive New Power Plant

AFRICANGLOBE - President Jacob Zuma inaugurated on Sunday the first unit of a massive new coal-fired power plant in South Africa, hailing it as a step away from the country's energy woes.

Ethiopia Sees Output At Africa’s Largest Power Plant By 2015

AFRICANGLOBE - Ethiopia will begin generating electricity within 18 months from what will be Africa’s largest power plant, the government said. The sale of 7.1 billion birr ($367 million) of bonds over the past three years to domestic investors, has contributed to the 27 billion birr spent so far on the 75.5 billion birr Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam

South Africa Fires Up First Gas Power Plant

AFRICANGLOBE - The largest power plant running exclusively on gas engines on the African continent, and the first of its kind in South Africa, was inaugurated at the Sasolburg, Free State site of petrochemicals company Sasol earlier this month.

General Electric to Construct Power Plant In Nigeria

AFRICANGLOBE - General Electric (GE), an America electricity conglomerate,  is set to establish a power plant and an energy-training institute in Cross River, Nigeria, to...

New Gas-Fired Power Plant to Assist South Africa and Mozambique

Plans for a gas-fired power plant to supply electricity to South Africa and Mozambique for two years have been unveiled by UK-based power specialist...

Ethiopia Sells Bonds to Finance Africa’s Largest Power Plant

Ethiopia plans to offer more bonds to finance Africa’s largest power plant after selling 7 billion birr ($408 million) of debt domestically over the past six months, Communications Minister Bereket Simon said. The sale will contribute to the 80 billion birr needed to finish the 5,250-megawatt Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam on the Blue Nile River, Bereket said in an interview on Sept. 27. The country isn’t raising funds from foreigners in a bid to demonstrate its economic resurgence, he said.