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Kenya Seeks Investor for Transformer Plant

The Kenya Electricity Expansion Project, which seeks to bolster the government's goal of connecting one and half million people and businesses to the electricity...

Gas Set to Power Tanzania’s Economy

The Tanzanian government must ensure that its citizens are fully involved in the gas and oil exploration, production and processing chain, to enable the country to reap maximum benefits from its huge fuel reserves. That's the advice that experts are floating, in the light of geological surveys and reports, which indicate that Tanzania is on the verge of discovering huge commercial gas reserves that would generate billions of dollars in Foreign Direct Investments (FDIs).

Kenya and Ethiopia in Landmark 400mw Power Purchase Deal

Details of the high-stakes negotiations before Kenya signed a 400MW electricity deal with Ethiopia two weeks ago are emerging, revealing that Nairobi managed to talk down the initial charges proposed by Addis Ababa as too high.

Africa Must Manage the Sustainability of Its Mineral Resources

The Chief Executive Officer of the Ghana Chamber of Mines, Dr. Toni Aubynn on Wednesday called on players in the extractive industry to effectively manage the sustainability of the mineral resources at their disposal. This, he noted, would enable the African continent to develop at a pace that would be appreciable by all. "There is a crucial need for Africa to manage the sustainability of its mineral resources since mining has done a lot in the development of the continent," noted Dr. Aubynn, at the media launch of the upcoming West African Mining and Power Conference & Exhibition (WAMPOC/WAMPEX) in Accra.

South African Power Utility Gets $250 Million Loan for Wind, Solar...

South Africa signed a $250-million (183-million-euro) loan deal with the World Bank on Monday aimed at adding 200 Megawatts of solar and wind power to the coal-dependent country's grid.

Kenya Kicks Off Mega Geothermal Project

Kenya will spend more than Sh130 billion within two years to put up 280 megawatts geothermal power plants in Olkaria near Naivasha. Billed as the largest single one-off geothermal project in the world.

Nigeria's Power Woes to End by 2015 – President

President Goodluck Jonathan yesterday said his administration remains committed to the attainment of uninterrupted power supply in Nigeria before the end of its tenure in 2015.

China Loans Ethiopia $500 Million For Development

China has lent Ethiopia US$ 500 million that will be used to fund various development projects in the Horn of Africa country.

Strauss-Kahn And Whitewashing Of American "Justice"

Just look no further than the "sudden turn of events" in the Dominique Strauss-Kahn case. The world is "shocked" to learn that a single immigrant African mother who scrubs hotel toilet bowls and changes soiled bed sheets may have a checkered past of alleged immigration fraud, tax fraud and money laundering. Put almost any American household under the same magnifying glass, and there is bound to appear matters large and small that its members would rather keep to themselves.

Zimbabwe Military Chief Vows to Keep President Mugabe in Power

Tsvangirai doesn't pose a political threat in any way in Zimbabwe, but is a major security threat. He takes instructions from foreigners who seek to effect illegal regime change in Zimbabwe.

Ethiopia's Capital Finalising U.S.$90 Million Electricity Distribution Upgrade

The Ethiopian Electric Power Corporation (EEPCo) is to finish its 90 million dollar Addis Abeba Distribution Rehabilitation Project this month, to double the city's distribution capacity.

Economic Opportunities in Ethiopia

With an average GDP growth of 11% during the 2005-09 period, Ethiopia is Africa’s fastest-growing non-oil economy. It is projected to grow at double digits in coming years

Kenya Earns Billions From Wind Farm

United Nations has approved sub-Saharan Africa's largest wind farm under a mechanism that will allow the project to generate carbon credits from its greenhouse gas emission reductions.