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Nothing New Obama Can Teach Africa

AFRICANGLOBE - It was not surprising when American President Obama told Africans in Kenya to go homosexual. Barack Obama’s speeches on his recent visit to Kenya and Ethiopia did not show any sign that the American government’s condescending policy towards Africa has changed. His lecturing African leaders on “democracy” and “values”, was reflective of the old policy of dictating to non-Western nations on how they must conduct their national affairs.

Obama, The Talkative Uncle Tom

AFRICANGLOBE - US President Barack Obama’s recent visit to East Africa was an occasion for hypocritical finger-pointing Obama usually reserves for his frequent hectoring of Black America, this time using “gay rights” as the standard. It’s a standard which he would never use to lecture America’s other vassals like the bloodstained beheading backward Saudi regime.

Obama Sr: The Man Who Gave The US Its First Black...

AFRICANGLOBE - Before the bottle took its toll of him, Barack Obama Senior was a man destined for greatness. “He was a very jolly man, very cantankerous, arrogant but nice,” recalls veteran journalist Phillip Ochieng, who was with him in the United States; they stayed close upon their return to Kenya in the early 1960s. Always impeccably dressed, the Harvard-trained Obama Sr had settled in Nairobi after leaving his American wife and child, the current US President Barack Obama Jr.

Obama Lands In Kenya To Euphoric Welcome

AFRICANGLOBE - US President Barack Obama has arrived in Kenya on a trip that will also include a stop in the Ethiopian capital, and a visit to the home of the African Union. Obama landed in the Kenyan capital, Nairobi, on Friday, and was greeted by Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta with a handshake and embrace as he stepped off Air Force One.

Gay Rights A ‘Non-Issue’, Says Kenyan President

AFRICANGLOBE - “That is a non-issue to the people of this country, and it is definitely not on our agenda at all,” Kenyatta said in response to question about gay rights. “We as a country, as a continent, are faced with much more serious issues which we would want to engage the US and all our partners with.”

‘I Have Become Radicalized’: Ta-Nehisi Coates On His ‘Low Expectations’ For...

AFRICANGLOBE - In New York Magazine’s profile of Ta-Nehisi Coates — timed to coincide with the publication of his new book, “Between the World and Me” — the Atlantic writer spoke at length about his sudden, though demonstrably deserved, rise to national prominence as a uncompromising chronicler of the Black experience in America.

Nigerian President Lists Priorities For Obama Visit

AFRICANGLOBE - Nigerian president, Muhammadu Buhari will depart Abuja Sunday for Washington D.C. on a four-day official visit during which he will hold high-level talks with President Barack Obama and other senior officials of the United States government on the war against terrorism, against corruption and improved trade between Nigeria and the United States of America.

Obama: Criminal Justice System ‘Skewed By Race And By Wealth’

AFRICANGLOBE - The criminal justice system is "particularly skewed by race and by wealth," President Barack Obama said on Tuesday in a speech at the NAACP Annual Convention in Philadelphia, citing a "long history of inequity in the criminal justice system in America."

Obama Is ‘A White President In Black Face’

AFRICANGLOBE - A major television mogul has harsh words for President Barack Obama. Byron Allen, chairman and CEO of Entertainment Studios, says Black America has fallen further behind since Obama has been in office. “President Obama is – at this point – a white president in black face,” Allen said.

When Coattails Become Halter Tops – The Gantt Report

AFRICANGLOBE - The reason many Blacks are not enthusiastic about upcoming elections is Black voters are tired of being punked, misled, bamboozled, and taken for granted!

John Kerry In Kenya To Mend Relations

AFRICANGLOBE - US Secretary of State John Kerry arrived in Kenya yesterday for talks on security co-operation ahead of US President Barack Obama’s visit to his late father’s home country. The trip is the first high-level visit to Kenya since 2012, and comes after a year of tension surrounding President Uhuru Kenyatta being falsely charged by the International Criminal Court for crimes against humanity.

Black Power In Washington

AFRICANGLOBE - “The Congressional Black Caucus is gone,” said one Democratic congressional aide, referring to its support for Israel under Netanyahu. The rancor between Black Democrats and Netanyahu has intensified. Some 57 Democrats—including most Black lawmakers—stayed away from the Israeli leader's March 3 speech in protest.

US And China Fight For Economic Influence In Africa

AFRICANGLOBE - The US and China are increasingly rivals on the world stage, competing over resources, policy and influence. One region where China has spent years establishing a foothold is Africa. Now the US is also keen to reassert itself after years of economic neglect.

The Black Family In 1965 And Today

AFRICANGLOBE - There is no doubt that Black children would be better off living with their married parents. Kids who grow up in households headed by a single mother are far more likely than others to be poor, quit school, get pregnant as teens and end up in jail.

Twin Evils: Terrorism And Racism

AFRICANGOBE - The extremist violence attacking Black Americans should be on a decline. On the contrary, there appears to be a national resurgence of racial violence against Black people. Black America has had to challenge and endure centuries of violent acts of extremism in the forms of domestic terrorism and racism. The Ku Klux Klan (KKK) even to this day claims to be a Christian organization.

Cuba Says It Has A Right To Grant Asylum To U.S....

AFRICANGLOBE - Cuba said Monday that it has a right to grant asylum to U.S. fugitives, the clearest sign yet that the communist government has no intention of extraditing Assata Shakur, America’s most-wanted woman despite the warming of bilateral ties.