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Five Years Of Impunity: The Man Behind The Darfur Genocide Remains...

AFRICANGLOBE - President Bashir stands accused of the world’s most heinous crimes—genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity. Bashir orchestrated the genocide in Darfur, which began more than 11 years ago when the Sudanese Armed Forces and its allied Janjaweed Arab militias launched a scorched earth campaign against the civilian population. Since 2003, over 3 million people have been displaced and many are still unable to return to their homes.

Sudan, South Sudan Peace Deal Once Again in Jeopardy

AFRICANGLOBE - The short period of relative peace and mutual friendship between Sudan and South Sudan has started unravelling, with Khartoum now accusing Juba of aiding rebels and threatening previous agreements.

Sudan’s President Bashir – the Belligerent Eye of a Perfect Storm

The vultures are circling around Sudan's President Omar Al-Bashir. He's faced problems before, of course, but a perfect storm of resistance and discontent brewing...