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South Africans Concerned Over ‘Unruly’ National Assembly

AFRICANGLOBE - Earlier this month, police were called into the assembly after an opposition lawmaker called President Jacob Zuma a "thief." He had been protesting a parliamentary decision to clear the president of any blame for spending some 246 million rand worth of public funds to renovate his country estate.

Jacob Zuma – Let’s Not Defend The Indefensible

AFRICANGLOBE - Let's not defend the indefensible. President Jacob Zuma has led his party and the country into a quagmire. This weekend's story in the Sunday Times has further added to the drift, leaving many of us hanging our heads in shame.

Does South Africa Have A Fascism Problem?

AFRICANGLOBE - Forged in the fires of the struggle against apartheid, the ANC aligned those who opposed the vile, racist regime. South Africa came together to face an apartheid enemy the ANC labeled "fascist." Today, while the ANC remains entrenched in power, its claim to being the party of the people is increasingly questionable. Many senior ANC leaders are mired in allegations of corruption, and the party has been accused, by the EFF and others, of showing disregard for the nation's poor.

With Jacob Zuma, The Buck Stops Nowhere

AFRICANGLOBE - I’ve never seen a transparently less decisive political leader in over four decades of studying them across the globe than Jacob Zuma who continually leaves glaring contradictions unresolved and then ignores the devastating consequences of such neglect.

Screw You Africans Jacob Zuma Is Here To Defend Palestinians

AFRICANGLOBE - Jacob Zuma is to send a delegation to Israel to convey South Africa's concerns over the mounting loss of civilian lives through Israel's invasion of the Gaza strip, the delegation will be led by former Deputy Foreign Minister Aziz Pahad

Land Issue: Africa Must Not Compromise

AFRICANGLOBE - South African President Jacob Zuma recently signed the Restitution of Land Rights Amendment Bill into law in a landmark move that is set to empower the government to reclaim African land from White settlers for distribution to their rightful owners.

South Africa Renews Law Allowing Claims For Land Stolen Under Apartheid

AFRICANGLOBE - South Africa has relaunched a claims process for African families forcibly removed from their land under the White apartheid regime's rule to apply for compensation, the presidency said on Monday.

Jacob Zuma Under Pressure In Major Policy Speech

AFRICANGLOBE - South African President Jacob Zuma delivers the first State of the Nation address of his second term on Tuesday, under pressure to outline plans for reviving growth and creating much-needed jobs in Africa's most advanced economy.

Jacob Zuma Sworn In For Second Term As President Of South...

AFRICANGLOBE - Flyover formations, festivities, high fashion, political friends and foes and a promise for radical change accompanied the inauguration of President Jacob Zuma at the Union Buildings in Tshwane on Saturday.

South Africa Joins Other African Countries In Boycotting EU-Africa Summit

AFRICANGLOBE - South Africa has come out in support of the African Union call to shun the European Union-Africa Summit in Brussels this week. The countries are of the view that European Union is dictating the composition of Africa's delegation.

South African President Blames Striking Mine Workers

AFRICANGLOBE - South African President Jacob Zuma yesterday voiced concern over frequent violence during the ongoing strikes at the platinum sector. “We think we need to be very emphatic to everybody that there should be no strike, no protest with people armed with dangerous weapons, that’s where we should stop it.”

President Mugabe’s Daughter Weds

AFRICANGLOBE - In an elaborate and carefully managed wedding, President Mugabe's daughter Bona Mugabe was married in a huge white marquee in the garden of the family mansion, surrounded by thousands of guests including Presidents and regional leaders.

Jacob Zuma Has Failed South Africa – Buthelezi

AFRICANGLOBE - Speaking during debate on Zuma’s state-of-the-nation address, the Inkatha Freedom Party stalwart said Zuma and his administration had reversed the gains made by former presidents Thabo Mbeki and Nelson Mandela.

South Africa On Fire: Deadly Protests Overshadows Zuma Keynote Speech

AFRICANGLOBE - Incensed over the lack of electricity, water and houses that endures two decades after White apartheid ended in South Africa, shantytown residents near Tshwane rioted, torching a community hall, library and clinic. The protest last week was one of about 94 this year in which a total of at least 10 people have died,

South Africa To Hold Elections In May, ANC Set For Reduced...

ARICANGLOBE - Formed in 2013, the EFF is the latest in a scattering of new political groupings that have emerged recently to try to challenge the ANC. Although still very young, the party is gaining traction with young South Africans who often sport red T-shirts and berets, like Malema, whose red beret has "Commander-in-Chief" embroidered on it.

Is Jacob Zuma Becoming Too Much Of A Liability For The...

AFRICANGLOBE - 2014 marks South Africa's twentieth year of democracy and the question being asked is whether President Jacob Zuma, with his increasingly heavy personal baggage, is turning into a serious liability for the ANC as it faces the electorate in 2014?