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Uganda And Kenya In Race To Connect Rail Infrastructure To Juba

AFRICANGLOBE - According to independent sources, there is a quiet race between Kampala and Nairobi to develop rail connection to Juba because whoever achieves it first, effectively defers development of the other.

Could Rwanda’s Support for M23 Rebels Backfire?

Rwanda's President Kagame might have the most to gain from M23's successes in the eastern DRC, but he may also have the most to...

Guilty as Charged: Evidence Rwanda is Backing Rebels in Congo

A leaked United Nations special report identifies Rwanda Defence Minister, General James Kabarebe, as the commanding officer of a major rebel movement in the...

Paul Kagame Warns Against ‘Externalizing’ DRC Crisis

Rwandan President Paul Kagame has warned a UN high level summit on DRC against blaming external actors for the problem and seeking external solutions...

President Kagame Named Regional Development Icon

Inspire Africa, an NGO that brings together young entrepreneurs' in East Africa, has named President Paul Kagame an icon for development in the region and an inspiration for the future poverty free generation.

Today's Struggle is About Development – Kagame

President Paul Kagame, yesterday, said that while 17 years after the Liberation war, the Rwandan people enjoy, peace, unity and reconciliation, the struggle continues. However, the President added that new frontline does not involve arms, but actions that lead to development.

Africa Experiencing Growth in Trade And Investment Says President Kagame

President Paul Kagame has said that Africa is witnessing growth in trade and investment as conflicts decline on the continent.