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Reparations Issue Clouds Hollande’s Haiti Trip

AFRICANGLOBE - French President Francois Hollande has become the country's second sitting president to visit Haiti. Despite the warm welcome from Haiti's President Michel Martelly on Monday, the relationship between the two nations is uneasy.

Protests Continue In Haiti Against UN-Backed Dictator

AFRICANGLOBE - Anti-government demonstrators again took to the streets of the capital to demand the resignation of President Martelly, accusing him of trying to be a dictator and dragging his feet on elections. Mr Martelly denies the accusations.

Haitian PM Laurent Lamothe Resigns Amid Protests

AFRICANGLOBE - On Friday, Haitian President Michel Martelly had announced that Lamothe would leave his post in order to help resolve the country’s political troubles.

Former Soldiers, Militias Challenge Haitian Government and UN Troops

Haitian and United Nations (UN) officials are searching for a peaceful way to disarm a brazen band of former soldiers and militias demanding the...

‘Baby Doc’ Ruling a Frightening Development for Haiti

Before President Michel Martelly took office in May 2011, Haiti's top prosecutor had recommended that former strongman Jean-Claude Duvalier face trial for the abuses...

Haitian President Says Aid From Venezuela Having a Big Impact

Haitian President Michel Martelly says aid and fuel shipments from Venezuela are having a big impact in the Caribbean country as it attempts to recover from the devastation of its 2010 earthquake.

South Korean Firm Moves to Build Garment Factory in Haiti

The biggest international project aimed at helping Haiti rebound from the 2010 earthquake eased closer to reality at a ceremony Monday. Former U.S. President Bill Clinton and Haitian President Michel Martelly broke ground for an ambitious $224 million industrial park in northern Haiti that they hope will generate tens of thousands of jobs, house 5,000 of the workers and educate 500 of their children in a new school.