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Egypt’s al-Sisi Ready To Visit Ethiopia For Water Talks

AFRICANGLOBE - Egypt's presidential frontrunner Abdel-Fattah al-Sisi has said that he is ready to visit Ethiopia for talks on resolving their Nile water dispute.

Egyptian Court Sentences Hundreds Of Protesters To Death

AFRICANGLOBE - In what is being called the biggest capital punishment verdict by Egypt's judiciary, 529 supporters of ousted President Mohamed Morsi have been sentenced to death. The sentencing, believed to be the biggest mass death dentencing in history, came after just two court sessions and before the defendants lawyers say they were permitted to make their case.

Political Islam And The Arab Spring

AFRICANGLOBE - The Arab Spring in 2011 ended with once-marginalised Islamist parties in governments in Egypt and Tunisia. It was not long before they stumbled. In one fell swoop on 3 July, the venerable Islamist movement the Muslim Brotherhood lost 85 years of patient labour and squandered the chance – at least in the foreseeable future – for political Islam in Egypt.

Al-Sissi Endorsed As Egypt’s New Military Dictator

AFRICANGLOBE - EGYPT'S military leaders have endorsed army chief Abdel Fattah al-Sissi for president, hours after he was promoted to the highest rank in the country's armed forces. Members of the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces had met for several hours to discuss al-Sissi's possible bid for presidency.

More Deaths Reported in Egypt’s Pro-Morsi ‘Rage’ Protests

AFRICANGLOBE - At least six people were killed in Egypt Friday, where security forces have fired tear gas and rubber bullets at protesters who took to the streets in defiance of a government-imposed state of emergency.

Pro-Morsi Protesters Defy Crackdown Threat

AFRICANGLOBE - Thousands of supporters of Egypt's ousted President Mohamed Morsi are continuing to protest in Cairo, despite warnings of a military crackdown. The protesters held sit-in protests on Saturday, despite repeated warning from the interim government

At Least 100 Killed in Egypt Clashes

AFRICANGLOBE - At least 100 people have been killed and over 1,000 others injured in clashes during rival demonstrations by the supporters and opponents of ousted President Mohamed Morsi across the country, Egyptian medical sources say.

Death Toll Rises in Egypt Following Deadly Clashes

AFRICANGLOBE - At least eleven people were killed in deadly overnight clashes in Cairo between supporters and opponents of ousted President Mohamed Morsi, the interior ministry has said.

Investigation – U.S. Bankrolled Anti-Morsi Activists

President Barack Obama recently stated the United States was not taking sides as Egypt's crisis came to a head with the military overthrow of the democratically elected president. But a review of dozens of US federal government documents shows Washington has quietly funded senior Egyptian opposition figures who called for toppling of the country's now-deposed president Mohamed Morsi.

Coup: Egyptian Army Seizes Power Constitution Suspended

AFRICANGLOBE - The Egyptian army took power from President Mohamed Morsi and suspended the constitution. Army tanks are surrounding the presidential palace, and Morsi's whereabouts is unknown.

Egyptian Army Plans to Suspend Constitution

AFRICANGLOBE - The Egyptian army has said it will suspend the constitution, dissolve parliament and force fresh elections if politicians cannot meet a looming deadline to resolve the country's political crisis.

Egypt’s Army Ready to Seize Power As Massive Protests Planned

AFRICANGLOBE - A threat by Egypt's army to seize power if politicians fail to quell unrest caused by religious tensions has frightened both the government and opposition supporters.

Egyptian President Morsi Raises Concern in Diplomatic Row With Ethiopia

AFRICANGLOBE - Several African states have rejected statements made by Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi which have challenged the right of Ethiopia to utilize water from the Blue Nile in order to construct a hydro-electric dam.

Thousands of Egyptians Rally Against Morsi in Cairo

AFRICANGLOBE - Tensions boiled over into minor scuffles when some anti-Morsi protesters started shouting pro-army slogans. Thousands of protesters converged on Cairo's Tahrir Square on Friday to join a planned rally in solidarity with the recently-launched "Rebel" campaign

Egypt: Islamists Clash With Opposition Demonstrators

AFRICANGLOBE - Four persons were wounded by buckshot on Friday after opposition activists marched on thousands of Islamists rallying outside the Supreme Court in central Cairo demanding judicial reform, an official said.

Egypt: Mohamed Morsi Attempting to Use Eritrea to Undermine Ethiopia

AFRICANGLOBE - Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi and Foreign Minister Mohamed Amr met with the Eritrean foreign minister Osman Saleh and the Eritrean presidential adviser for political affairs, Yamani Jabr, in Cairo on Monday to boost bilateral relations between the countries and discuss a number of regional and international issues.