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U.S. To Deliver Apache Attack Helicopters To Egypt

AFRICANGLOBE - The United States said on Tuesday it will deliver 10 Apache attack helicopters to Egypt, relaxing a partial suspension of aid imposed after Egypt's military ousted President Mohamed Mursi last year and cracked down violently on protesters.

Protesters Storm Building in Cairo, Egypt Death Toll Reaches 525

AFRICANGLOBE - Hundreds of supporters of Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood stormed a government building in Cairo on Thursday and set it ablaze, as fury over a security crackdown on the Islamist movement that killed hundreds of people spilled on to the streets.

Egypt Army Gives Mursi 48 Hours to Share Power

AFRICANGLOBE - Egypt's armed forces handed Islamist President Mohamed Mursi a virtual ultimatum to share power on Monday, giving feuding politicians 48 hours to compromise or have the army impose its own road map for the country.

Anti-Government Protests Sweep Egypt

AFRICANGLOBE - Hundreds of protesters gathered at Tahrir Square on Sunday, chanting against the Muslim Brotherhood and President Mohamed Mursi. Egyptian flags and banners opposing Mursi's government were seen raised in Tahrir Square while protesters set up a podium for different speakers to chant slogans.

Mursi to Make His Move as Massive Protests Loom

AFRICANGLOBE - President Mohamed Mursi will speak to the Egyptian people in a televised address that could determine his political survival as millions prepare to rally to demand his removal this weekend.

European Union Warns Egypt: Reform or Face Aid Cuts

AFRICANGLOBE - The European Union warned Egypt on Wednesday it could lose funds from its 5 billion euro ($6.5 billion) aid package if democratic reforms fail to satisfy Brussels, and said Cairo has already lost some additional funding.

Giving Women Rights Could Destroy Society Says Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood

AFRICANGLOBE - Egypt's ruling Muslim Brotherhood warns that a U.N. declaration on women's rights could destroy society by allowing a woman to travel, work and use contraception without her husband's approval and letting her control family spending.

Mohamed Mursi Fails to Secure Aid, Gets Only Advice

AFRICANGLOBE - Egypt's Islamist President Mohamed Mursi failed on his brief Wednesday visit to Berlin to persuade Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel to reduce Egypt's €240 million debt to Germany, the German Der Spiegel magazine reported on Wednesday.

Muslim Brotherhood Unleashes Bloody Crackdown in Cairo

AFRICANGLOBE - Muslim Brotherhood (MB) forces supporting Egypt’s Islamist President Mohamed Mursi are carrying out a bloody crackdown in Cairo. Amid intensifying mass protests...

Egyptians Plan ‘Last Warning March’ Against Islamist Constitution

AFRICANGLOBE - Liberal, leftist and socialist forces have called for a "Last Warning" march to Egypt's presidential palace on Tuesday against a draft constitution...

Sudan’s Wanted President Visits Egypt

Egyptian President Mohamed Mursi met with Sudan's wanted President Omar al-Bashir in Cairo on Sunday as the Egyptian government dismissed calls for the visiting...

Egypt: Islamist Mohamed Mursi Dismisses Top Generals

Egyptian President Mohamed Mursi made a number of explosive moves over the weekend that many observers feel was the president’s attempt to reclaim some...

Egypt’s Leaders Feud While Economy Heads Toward a Cliff

Egypt's new Islamist president and his old military foes have come out swinging in a struggle for political power. But while they juggle Egypt's...