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Africa’s Richest Man To Pump Billions Into Zimbabwe

AFRICANGLOBE - Africa’s richest man, Aliko Dangote of Nigeria, has said he is ready to invest billions of dollars in Zimbabwe’s economic enablers, among them power generation, cement production and coal mining. The investments will start early next year as long as the Government of Zimbabwe expedites logistical issues.

Putin’s Russia And Africa

AFRICANGLOBE - From 1961 to 1992, one of Moscow’s most prestigious schools bore the name of Patrice Lumumba, the Soviet-supported Congolese independence leader brutally executed in 1961. Patrice Lumumba University recruited and educated generations of foreign leaders, especially African leaders, and was just one of the many ways in which the Soviet Union cultivated ties with Africa.

Mugabe Tells UK To Return Skulls Of Zimbabwean Heroes

AFRICANGLOBE - President Mugabe has castigated Britain for displaying skulls of some of Zimbabwe's heroes and heroines from the Liberation War in their museums as symbols of colonial conquest.

Mugabe Says Ivory Coast Refused Him Entry

AFRICANGLOBE - Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe said that some African leaders have refused to recognise his leadership on regional bodies at the prodding of the French government. In Ivory Coast, a former French colony, French-installed dictator Alassane Ouattara blocked President Mugabe from entering the country after his plane landed at the airport, Mugabe said, without giving more details.

Zimbabwe Threatens To Expel British And American Ambassadors

AFRICANGLOBE - President Mugabe yesterday said Government will not hesitate to kick out British and American ambassadors if they continue instigating chaos by funding vendors to resist relocation to designated areas. Officially opening the Global Small and Medium Enterprises Expo in Harare, the President warned the two ambassadors to stop fomenting anarchy.

Mugabe Not To Blame For Zimbabwe’s Problems

AFRICANGLOBE - The problems in Zimbabwe are not caused by President Robert Mugabe but by "capital", EFF leader Julius Malema said on Thursday. "President Mugabe is the only leader who knows for the real change to come, Africans will have to go through the necessary pain, exactly what Zimbabweans are going through now," he told reporters in Johannesburg.

Malema Backs President Mugabe

AFRICANGLOBE - “President Mugabe is the only leader who knows that for real change to come, Africans will have to go through the necessary pain, exactly what Zimbabweans are going through now,” Malema said when asked about his relationship with President Mugabe. “We don’t see what’s happening in Zimbabwe as anarchy,” he said. “We don’t blame it on President Mugabe, we blame it on capital . . . (It is) because they disagree with him politically, they use their economic muscle to punish the people of Zimbabwe.”

President Mugabe Salutes African Support

AFRICANGLOBE - President Mugabe has saluted some African nations for standing by Zimbabwe despite pressure from Western countries compelling them to isolate the country. A few African countries, President Mugabe said, had at the last minute turned down invitations to visit Zimbabwe for fear of reprisals from powerful countries in Europe and America.

US Senator Exposes Plot Against Mugabe Government

AFRICANGLOBE - US Senator Christopher Smith has exposed Zimbabwe's ousted Vice President Joice Mujuru for working with Western powers in her conspiracy to unseat President Mugabe unconstitutionally and lamented that her expulsion had put the succession issue in doubt.

African Union Chief Mugabe Says ICC Unwelcome In Africa

AFRICANGLOBE - Zimbabwean leader and African Union chairman Robert Mugabe on Tuesday harshly criticized the International Criminal Court (ICC) after Sudan's president dodged an international arrest order by leaving early from a meeting of the continent's leaders in South Africa, a news agency reported.

President Mugabe Urges Africa To Be Wary Of West

AFRICANGLOBE - Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe has accused Western countries of starting conflicts in Africa and the Middle East because of their lust for vast resources in the region. "There are those who grudge us because of what God has given us. They wish our oil was theirs. They cause war where there is peace," Mugabe told African presidents and diplomats at the African Union summit in the South African city of Johannesburg on Sunday.

Africa Urged To Emulate Zimbabwe

AFRICANGLOBE - Zimbabwe is on the verge of realising an economic growth which Africa had never known. African leaders have been challenged to adopt indigenisation and economic empowerment policies to enable their citizens to claim their stake in the continent and global village.

President Mugabe Says South Africa Needs Another Liberation

AFRICANGLOBE - Sadc chairman President Mugabe has said South Africa needs a second liberation to empower its Black citizens who remain marginalised despite a political dispensation that brought majority rule more than two decades ago.

Russian Investment In Zimbabwe To Surpass $4bn

AFRICANGLOBE - The platinum project is the single largest investment in Zimbabwe since independence. When complete, output will surpass the combined production capacity of the three major platinum mines – Mimosa, Zimplats and Unki. Said Higer: “We’re talking about one of the biggest worldwide platinum projects in partnership between Russia and Zimbabwe.

Russia Offers Zimbabwe Protection

AFRICANGLOBE - Russia stands ready to thwart any Western aggression against Zimbabwe, President Vladimir Putin vowed in Moscow yesterday during a meeting with President Mugabe.In 2008, Russia and China vetoed a United Nations Security Council resolution sponsored by Britain and the United States seeking to impose punitive sanctions on Zimbabwe.

Zimbabwe: Mugabe Meets Putin Over U.S.$4 Billion Deal

AFRICANGLOBE - President Robert Mugabe was yesterday set to leave for Russia for that country's Second World War commemorations during which he will meet with President Vladimir Putin and investors to discuss implementation of the US$4 billion platinum mining deal signed last year.