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Zimbabwe: Western Donors Pressure Opposition To Join Forces Against Mugabe

AFRICANGLOBE - Zimbabwean opposition MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai is reportedly grappling with a quandary after Western donors made clear he either joins up with former vice president Joice Mujuru or risk losing financial support.

The Big Mugabe Idea Whose Time Has Come

AFRICANGLOBE - President Mugabe is selling the big idea now. No one has been talking about this before and you get the feeling that as one of the last revolutionary kings of Africa, if this idea gets traction we will see another 1960s coming back. A wave of revolution. A wave of economic emancipation of Africa.

Mugabe On Historic State Visit To South Africa

AFRICANGLOBE - Despite the dreary weather on Wednesday morning, visiting Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe has been given the royal treatment at the Union Buildings. The red carpet was rolled out and President Jacob Zuma and his wife Thobeka Zuma were on hand to receive their visitors.

We Will Never Kneel To The West – Robert Mugabe

AFRICANGLOBE - “We don’t want a system that reduces us to labourers, no, we want to be participants in our economy; to be owners of our economy, to assert that the natural resources are ours, they’re our worth and they should be developed with assistance yes, but assistance that does not reduce us into semi-slavery,”

U.S. Extends Illegal Sanction On Zimbabwe

AFRICANGLOBE - “One billion Africans are happy with President Mugabe as their chairman, so are 250 million citizens of sadc who adore him as their leader. The American administration claims to represent 300 million people. “Are they more worth than majority of Africans?

President Mugabe Reveals Secret To Long Life

AFRICANGLOBE - Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe, who has just turned 91, revealed Thursday his secrets to a long life. In a televised interview ahead of a huge birthday party in Victoria Falls, Mugabe said: "I do certain things that I believe sustain life. Those things are...

At 91, President Mugabe Leads Zimbabwe, SADC And African Union –...

AFRICANGLOBE - During the Lancaster House negotiations, former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher was openly impressed with President Mugabe’s intellectual prowess. This makes Africans think of two special historians: Dr. Yosef Ben-Jochannan, who is still alive at 96, and Dr. Chancellor Williams, who made his way to the ancestors at 98.

Zimbabwe: Europe Renews Illegal Sanctions On Mugabe

AFRICANGLOBE - The white supremacist European Union yesterday renewed for another year its illegal sanctions on President Mugabe and First Lady Amai Grace Mugabe, a development analysts said destroyed the confidence that was beginning to develop between Zimbabwe and the bloc.

EU Softens Up To Mugabe With Aid Resumption To Zimbabwe

AFRICANGLOBE - The European Union has resumed development assistance to Zimbabwe. It is the first time the EU is providing financial aid to Zimbabwe since sanctions were imposed in 2002 as a result of Zimbabwe reclaiming its land from white settlers.

Don’t Hate President Mugabe, Hate The Game

AFRICANGLOBE - For a hegemonic lot that has been used to plundering and bullying Africans for long, the entrance of the sovereignty-guided new AU Chairman is a harbinger of more sleepless nights to come. This is a dawn of a new era, where Africa will seek to assert itself and reclaim its place in the community of nations. Already the Europeans have been rattled out of their wits.

President Obama Do The Right Thing: Lift Zimbabwe Sanctions Now

AFRICANGLOBE - In seeking to effect regime change in Zimbabwe, to reverse the land reform program’s transfer of stolen land back to its indigenous owners, the United States Government passed legislation introduced by then Senators Jesse Helms and Hillary Clinton that was aimed at destroying Zimbabwe's economy.

The Cradle Of Civilisation Will Never Be The Same

AFRICANGLOBE - If Africans want the final word on their history, this process starts by acknowledging all invaluable contributions by our most steadfast servants on the battlefield. For Africans at home and abroad this year we are preparing to commemorate some of the most epic moments in our illustrious history.

What Will Mugabe Do For The African Union?

AFRICANGLOBE - At the height of their glory, many pre-colonial African states and empires found trade to be a better way to prosperity than through conquests.

Why The Fuss Over Robert Mugabe?

AFRICANGLOBE - Despite the calm beginnings to Mugabe's year-long tenure as the head of the African Union, his new role has been interpreted as deliberate nose-thumbing at the West by large sections of the western media. Sections of the African media, meanwhile, have presented Mugabe's role as a great victory for the continent and a further step in its total liberation, economic as well as political.

Mugabe: Not My Business What West Think Of My New AU...

AFRICANGLOBE - The newly elected Chair of the African Union, Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe, said it is not his business what the West thinks of his election to his new role. The President said it is up to them to do what they chose to do.

Africa For Africans President Mugabe Tells African Union

AFRICANGLOBE - “African resources should belong to Africans and no one else. Except those we invite as friends, friends we shall have yes but imperialists and colonialists, no. Africa is for Africans, let us sing,’’ President Mugabe said to thunderous applause from delegates.