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Arrest Omar Al-Bashir If He Steps In Kenya – Court

AFRICANGLOBE - A Kenyan judge yesterday obligated the Attorney-General and Security minister to arrest Sudan President Omar Bashir should he set foot in Kenya. In an order seen to shame government officials who feted Bashir as a state guest during the constitution promulgation on August 27, 2010, Judge Nicholas Ombija decreed he must be arrested and sent off to The Hague to answer to charges of crime against humanity in relation to the Darfur genocide.

Kenyan Court Issues Arrest Warrant For Sudan’s President Omar Bashir

AFRICANGLOBE - A Kenyan judge has issued a warrant on Monday for Sudan's President Omar al-Bashir, who is  wanted by an international court for genocide, after the government failed to arrest him during a visit last year. The high court ruling means Bashir's arrest "should be effected by the Attorney General and the Minister for Internal Security should he ever set foot in Kenya," Judge Nicolas Ombija said.