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Rwanda And Ethiopia Inventing A New Africa

AFRICANGLOBE - Rwanda and Ethiopia have suggested new development models they believe can help Africa break away from the prescribed Western models. African leaders of the two countries and those from other states agreed that Africa should stop being bullied into “accepting policies that misrepresent us and do us harm in the end.”

Paul Kagame Accuses France Of ‘Participating’ In Rwandan Genocide

AFRICANGLOBE - In 2008, a report by Rwanda's MUCYO commission of inquiry concluded that France had trained the militias that carried out killings and French troops had taken part in massacres. It accused 13 politicians and 20 officers by name.

Kagame Urges African Unity, Integration

AFRICANGLOBE - President Paul Kagame of Rwanda has called on the African leaders and citizens to work towards continental unity and integration.

Rwanda: Heritage Tourism Can Enhance Growth of the Tourism Industry

AFRICANGLOBE - A critical examination of the tourism sector shows that 2012 was an impressive year. With the sector generating $232 million by October 2012, compared to $204 million in 2011, it was the biggest foreign exchange earner.

Rwanda: Self Empowerment Should Become Our Culture

AFRICANGLOBE - Rwanda's President Paul Kagame has appealed to Rwandans to double their efforts in order to improve their lives in the coming year. The President was addressing residents of Mageragere Sector, Nyarugenge district, where he participated in a tree-planting exercise during this year's last community work.

Rwanda: Paul Kagame’s Congo Dilemma

Rwanda's Congo policy is in trouble. Donors have reacted strongly to UN evidence that Rwanda is supporting Congolese rebels. Once an exemplar of post-conflict...

Paul Kagame – How Long Can He Deny Rwandan Involvement in...

Questioned last week on the BBC's Hardtalk about the connection between Rwanda and the M23 rebel movement in eastern Congo, President Paul Kagame denied...