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South Sudan: Rival Leaders Accept ‘Responsibility’ For Conflict

AFRICANGLOBE - It was the first time the bitter rivals had met since signing a ceasefire agreement in August in Ethiopia. This time the two South Sudanese leaders said the now divided ruling party, the Sudan People's Liberation Movement (SPLM), should be reunited. The SPLM brought the country independence after a long war with Khartoum.

South Sudan Leaders Agree To Form Transitional Government

AFRICANGLOBE - South Sudan's president and rebel chief met in a bid to end six months of civil war, agreeing to forge a transitional government within a 60-day deadline, Ethiopia's prime minster said.

South Sudan: Rivals Agree In Principle To Forming Interim Government

AFRICANGLOBE - South Sudan government and rebel negotiators on Wednesday confirmed that IGAD, the regional bloc mediating peace talks, had put the formation of an interim government on the table for discussion.

South Sudan Government And Rebels Sign Ceasefire

AFRICANGLOBE - South Sudan's government and rebels have signed a ceasefire deal that many hope will put a pause to five weeks of fighting that has killed thousands of soldiers and civilians in the world's newest country. The peace deal, signed in the Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa on Thursday by representatives of President Salva Kiir and Riek Machar, the rebel leader and and former South Sudanese vice president, is the first real progress since political friction turned violent on December 15.

Lessons To Draw From The SPLM’s Internal Wrangles

AFRICANGLOBE - December 31, 2013 - In denouncing the “coup” in December, President Salva Kiir said he would not allow the incidents of 1991 to be repeated. He called former vice president Riek Machar a “prophet of doom” and accused him and his “disgruntled group” of being bent on pursuing the actions of the past, meaning the Machar-led August 1991 split in the SPLM/A.

South Sudan Quashes Coup Attempt, Says President Salva Kiir

AFRICANGLOBE - South Sudan's President Salva Kiir says an attempted coup by soldiers loyal to his former deputy Riek Machar has been put down. President Kiir said the government was in full control of the capital, Juba, after a night of heavy fighting between soldiers in the presidential guard.

South Sudan Has Made ‘Significant Strides’ Towards Consolidating Peace

AFRICANGLOBE - Despite inter-communal violence and insecurity in the populous north-eastern State of Jonglei, South Sudan had made significant strides towards consolidating peace, creating an effective police force and establishing the rule of law, the senior United Nations official in that country told the Security Council today.

More Rebels Lay Down Arms in South Sudan

AFRICANGLOB - Some 800 rebels belonging to a group blamed for attacks in Upper Nile state over the past two years have accepted an amnesty offer from the South Sudanese government and are handing over their weapons, officials said Wednesday.

Sudan, South Sudan Peace Deal Once Again in Jeopardy

AFRICANGLOBE - The short period of relative peace and mutual friendship between Sudan and South Sudan has started unravelling, with Khartoum now accusing Juba of aiding rebels and threatening previous agreements.

No Break-Through in Talks Between S.Sudan and Sudan

South Sudan's President Salva Kiir and his northern counterpart Omer Al-Bashir decided to continue direct talks on security and disputed areas for the third...

New East African Mega Port to Become Gateway to Great Lakes...

The construction of Lamu Port in Kenya has been officially launched by Kenya's President Mwai Kibaki, South Sudan's President Salva Kiir and Ethiopia's Prime...

South Sudan Looks South to Export Oil

Across South Sudan demonstrations have been held in support of President Salva Kiir's decision to shutdown its 350,000-barrel daily oil production. This came after Sudan's...