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Nobody ‘Stealing’ Your Jobs, You Spend Too Much On Wars, Chinese...

AFRICANGLOBE - Chinese billionaire and Alibaba founder Jack Ma believes that improper distribution of funds and hyper inflated US military spending, not globalization or other countries “stealing” US jobs, is behind the economic decline in America.

American Aid To Africa Expected To Drop Under President Trump

AFRICANGLOBE - Tanzania is among some African countries which may see a drop in development aid as the US is likely to expand fiscal stance and cut spending during Donald Trump's presidency, a new report shows. The move by the world's largest economy might affect dependent countries such as Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, Nigeria and DRC according to the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW) latest report released in London yesterday.

The Political Messenger – The Gantt Report

AFRICANGLOBE - If you don’t believe African American voters have been sold some political snake oil, it will be crystal clear during the term of President elect Donald Trump! So called Negroes have told you election after election that our future, our progress and our hope was based on our blind support of a political party that, in many ways, seldom supported us. Not only were our issues not supported, our causes not supported and our businesses were not supported, we were neglected, we were exploited and we were used!

Things You Don’t See Black People Doing After The Election Of...

AFRICANGLOBE - On an average day you cannot convince most Black people to take their own progress or survival seriously, things such as sports, clubbing, twerking, snapchatting, swirling and the mannequin challenge were just far too important to worry about than Black empowerment, gentrification, police brutality or survival, but today is not an average day.

This Is Why ‘Superpredator’ Hillary Clinton Lost The Election

AFRICANGLOBE - When you study the results and the politics of the just concluded U.S. Presidential Election there is this treasure trove of valuable information that if properly understood explains exactly why Hillary Clinton lost the election.

Private Prison Stocks Are Through The Roof After Trump’s Victory

AFRICANGLOBE - Donald Trump hasn’t even been sworn into office yet, but the private prison business sector is already looking forward to his presidency. On a morning when global and domestic financial markets plunged on news of Trump’s victory over Hillary Clinton, Corrections Corporations of America surged nearly 40% in anticipation of increased need for more prisons and corrections services.

10 Reasons Why Trump’s Win Is ‘White Supremacy’s Last Stand In...

AFRICANGLOBE - Political commentator Danielle Moodie-Mills doesn't believe sexism played as large a role in Hillary Clinton's tragic loss as most left wing pundits have claimed. "I do not believe that this is people saying I couldn't possibly have a woman in this role," Mills said following Trump's big win. "This is so much bigger than that," she continued. "...and I will say it because I have literally nothing left to lose tonight.. this is literally white supremacy's last stand in America."

Canada Immigration Site Crashes After Trump Victory

AFRICANGLOBE - Desperate Americans watching the election results may have to wait until Wednesday to research a possible move to Canada, as the website is having server errors. Moving to Canada has been a popular joke throughout the election season, as has the suggestion that Texas should secede from the union if Clinton wins. Some of those plans may have to go on hold.