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Gay Rights A ‘Non-Issue’, Says Kenyan President

AFRICANGLOBE - “That is a non-issue to the people of this country, and it is definitely not on our agenda at all,” Kenyatta said in response to question about gay rights. “We as a country, as a continent, are faced with much more serious issues which we would want to engage the US and all our partners with.”

Kenyatta And The Hague: How To Bet And Win Against The...

AFRICANGLOBE - The Kenyan state – or more precisely Kenyatta and Ruto — have always managed to stay one step ahead of the ICC. From the early days of the legal proceedings against Kenyatta and Ruto, the ICC’s Office of the Prosecutor has been playing catch up with these guys, who have demonstrated that you can work within the international legal system and outsmart it at the same time.

Kenya Discuss Plans to Pull Out of the International Criminal Court

AFRICANGLOBE - Members of Kenya's Parliament has been recalled to parliament to discuss the International Criminal Court (ICC) cases against President Uhuru Kenyatta, Deputy President William Ruto and journalist Joshua arap Sang.