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Ugandan President Call On African Nations To Quit The ICC

AFRICANGLOBE - Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni on Friday called on African nations to drop out of the treaty establishing the International Criminal Court, amid evidence that it unfairly targets Africans.

Museveni’s Comments Shock Western Investors

AFRICANGLOBE - A high-level summit aimed at promoting a $250 billion investment drive across Africa has been overshadowed by criticism from international investors over comments made by Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni.

Uganda Threatens China Railway Company Boss

AFRICANGLOBE - "You came here to do business, not politics; if you are not willing to cooperate, leave the country," Museveni reportedly told Dai Yang, the country head of China Civil Engineering and Construction Corporation, which lost a bid to construct a Standard Gauge Railway in Uganda.

Uganda Marks 52 Years Of Independence

AFRICANGLOBE - President Yoweri Museveni has said the entire Uganda is peaceful for the first time in 114 years. Museveni made the remarks at the 52nd Independence Day celebrations at Kololo.

Yoweri Museveni: Why Africa Must Unite Politically

AFRICANGLOBE - European integration is on the march and has reversed European decline vis a viz the USA. Therefore, in the case of African states, which do not have a political-economic centre of gravity, political unification is the only safe roof under which economic integration can take place.

U.S. Attempting To Blackmail Uganda Over Gay Law

AFRICANGLOBE - Why is it that America is not targeting countries such as Saudi Arabia and Egypt, where homosexuals are given the death penalty? Why are African countries alone being targeted with sanctions and sabotage for not accepting homosexuality?

US Cuts Aid To Uganda Over Anti-Homosexuality Law

AFRICANGLOBE - The United States under Barack Hussein Obama II has cut aid to Uganda and cancelled a military exercise in response to a law that imposes penalties on homosexuality.

Rejecting The West: Uganda, Neoliberalism And The Anti-Homosexuality Bill

AFRICANGLOBE - Much has already been written about the stand-off between Uganda and the West on the recently passed Anti-Homosexuality Bill. It is also not particularly surprising that it was Uganda that made such a public break with this key pillar of the Western Block’s liberalism

Euro-Africa Ties: Africa Should Be More Assertive

AFRICANGLOBE - With a shameful background of slave trade and colonialism, it is insulting that the West still wants to claim the moral high ground to chaperone Africa. Decades after colonialism, the West has continued to invade African nations like Libya and Ivory Coast, stoking eternal conflicts in the DRC and other places while at the same time imposing unjustified sanctions on countries like Zimbabwe.

US Freezes Aid To Uganda Over Anti-Deviance Laws

AFRICANGLOBE - The constant Western attack against Uganda for exercising its democratic and sovereign rights took a new twist last week, when US embassy officials in Kampala confirmed that Washington was reviewing its relations with Uganda, over an anti-homosexuality law that was passed to protect Ugandan children.

Africa And The West: Revising The Rules Of Engagement

AFRICANGLOBE - Up until today, African states — though in theory independent — have their economic and political policies directed from outside. If they refuse to toe the policy line drawn by the West, development assistance is used to force compliance, with absolute disregard for the democratic institutions of the land and its evolution of democracy.

Homosexuality As Collateral For ‘Dead Aid’

AFRICANGLOBE - Today, apparently at the behest of the anti-Christ whose shadow is creeping inexorably over the world, the Western world in particular is trying furtively to use homosexuality as a corollary to colonialism to enslave smaller, less developed countries.

Uganda’s Sovereignty Vs. Western Aid

Criticism of Uganda typifies Western hypocrisy towards the African continent. Linking aid to some of these matters smacks of a dangerous attempt on the part of Western leaders to buy, cajole and compromise African leaders when it comes to the issue of gays and lesbians.

Keep Your Aid, Uganda Tells The West

AFRICANGLOBE - Uganda yesterday shrugged off foreign aid cuts and international criticism of its tough new anti-homosexuality law, saying it could do without Western aid. “The West can keep their ‘aid’ to Uganda over h*mos, we shall still develop without it,” government spokesman Ofwono Opondo said in a message on Twitter.

The Audacity Of Sovereignty: Uganda Vs. The West – A Must...

AFRICANGLOBE - This week Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni decided to literally spit in the faces of Western powers that have been trying to foist the “new norm” of engagement based on recognition of gay “rights”. These powers – the US, UK have made their position clear: the world, and particularly Africa, should accept gay rights or risk losing aid that the West has been so generous to give.

World Bank Freezes Loan To Uganda For Not Allowing Homosexuality

AFRICANGLOBE - The World Bank has suspended a planned $90m loan to Uganda meant to strengthen its health care system after its president signed into law a bill prescribing harsh jail terms for homosexual offences. The decision by the global lender comes days after homosexuality supporting countries such as Denmark, the Netherlands and Norway said they would also freeze or change aid programmes for Uganda because of the law.