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South Africa: President Zuma And A Nation In Distress

AFRICANGLOBE - South Africa's President Jacob Zuma's last appearance in Parliament ended badly, to say the least. With Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) members of Parliament (MPs) shouting 'pay back the money' as they demanded answers on Nkandla, Zuma was spirited out of the House to protect him from the embarrassment of being shouted down during Parliamentary question time.

Jacob Zuma Admitted To Hospital For Tests

AFRICANGLOBE - South African President Jacob Zuma has been admitted to hospital for tests, the presidency said in a statement on its website. "Doctors are satisfied with his condition," the statement said on Saturday.

The Real Story Of South Africa’s National Elections

AFRICANGLOBE - No sooner had the final results of the recently concluded 2014 national elections been announced than President Zuma gave a predictably self-congratulatory speech lauding the result as "the will of all the people". The reality however is that the ANC's victory came from a distinct minority of "the people"

South Africa Joins Other African Countries In Boycotting EU-Africa Summit

AFRICANGLOBE - South Africa has come out in support of the African Union call to shun the European Union-Africa Summit in Brussels this week. The countries are of the view that European Union is dictating the composition of Africa's delegation.

South Africa’s President Zuma: Is Having A ‘Let Them Eat Cake’...

AFRICANGLOBE - The Jacob Zuma led ANC is increasingly seen as isolated, incompetent, and corrupt. There is speculation that if the party representation in parliament falls below 60 percent, it will remove Zuma from his position as party leader -- and, likely, the presidency.

South Africa’s President Zuma Violated Executive Ethics Code

AFRICANGLOBE - South Africa's Public Protector has released a report revealing improper use of public money on the upgrades to President Jacob Zuma's private mansion, saying the president may have contravened executive ethics code.

Is Jacob Zuma Becoming Too Much Of A Liability For The...

AFRICANGLOBE - 2014 marks South Africa's twentieth year of democracy and the question being asked is whether President Jacob Zuma, with his increasingly heavy personal baggage, is turning into a serious liability for the ANC as it faces the electorate in 2014?

Why South Africa Is Not Fit to Lead Africa

AFRICANGLOBE - South Africa's failure to successfully engage some of Africa's most troublesome conflict zones has undermined the country's credibility and cast doubt about whether South Africa should be perceived as the continent's regional military and political leader.

South African Billionaire Tokyo Sexwale Dismissed As Minister

AFRICANGLOBE - South African diamond magnate, Tokyo Sexwale has been dismissed as his country’s Human Settlement Minister by President Jacob Zuma.

Revamping Nigeria – South Africa Relations Key to Africa’s Progress

AFRICANGLOBE - Since the advent of democracy in South Africa in 1994, Tshwane's relationship with Nigeria has been a mix of rivalry, tension and cooperation. The pattern of interaction has oscillated from President Mandela's principled stance against General Sani Abacha's dictatorship to

South Africa, Nigeria Align to ‘Solve African Issues’

AFRICANGLOBE - South African President Jacob Zuma emerged from his Tuesday meeting with Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan boasting a sheaf of commitments to closer ties and improved relations with Africa’s second largest economy.

BRICS : Did the ANC Sell-Out to International Capital

AFRICANGLOBE - The ANC embraced neo-liberal capitalism unreservedly in 1994. Similar to the 1884 Berlin conference, the forthcoming BRICS summit in Durban will seek to divide the continent with one common objective: efficient resource extraction through export-oriented infrastructure for continued capitalist exploitation that will enrich a minority and not the masses.

South Africans Losing Patience With The ANC?

AFRICANGLOBE - "In the Wise words of Nelson Mandela, there is no easy walk to freedom there will certainly be no easy walk socio-economic freedom". Impressive words from Jacob Zuma at the closing day of theANC Conference. Zuma has the top job in the ANC and likely to serve a second term as South Africa's president.

Jacob Zuma’s Re-Election As ANC President Is a Sad Day for...

AFRICANGLOBE - While personal congratulations to the winner of an election are always in order, the re-election of Jacob Zuma as President of the ANC is not good news for South Africa. His lack of leadership on any of the major policy questions that we face will continue, as will the corruption and abuse of public resources that has so far characterised his time in office.

Nelson Mandela Hospitalization Worries South Africans

AFRICANGLOBE - Nelson Mandela’s second hospitalization this year has raised concerns among South Africans and around the world about the future despite government assurances...

South Africa: Check – For The Lies & More Damn Lies

AFRICANGLOBE - President Jacob Zuma will have South Africans believe the gap between rich and poor is narrowing. Tim Harris, the opposition's shadow minister of finance, said the gap is widening and the president is talking nonsense. Who’s right and who’s wrong? Thanks to a new fact-checking service called Africa Check, people who love the truth can find out.