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Nigerian Presidential Candidates Urge Peaceful Elections

AFRICANGLOBE - In the renewed accord they jointly signed, Jonathan and Buhari reassured the world of their commitment to a violence-free presidential election on Saturday. In what was titled "Renewal of Our Pledges to Peaceful Elections", they also pledged to respect the outcome of free, fair and credible elections.

Zambia: Illegal White President Removed From Position In Ruling Party

AFRICANGLOBE - The drama concerning the leadership of Zambia's current ruling party and its selection of a presidential candidate took an unexpected turn on Tuesday night, as an emergency meeting by the party's Central Committee voted to remove Acting President Guy Scott as the party's Vice President.

The Only Black Presidential Candidate, Suffers Resistance Among Afro-Brazilians

AFRICANGLOBE - Note: With Black Brazilians being nearly invisible in Brazil’s sphere’s of power, one would think that the strong possibility of Marina Silva becoming the first black president in the nation’s history would have more feelings of hope and celebration within the Afro-Brazilian community. Well, this is not exactly how things are looking for Silva

If Elected Marina Silva Would Be Brazil’s First Black President

AFRICANGLOBE - Marina Silva, a front-running presidential candidate who grew up in the Amazon jungle and could become the first Black to lead Brazil's government, said Wednesday that if elected she'll improve ties with the U.S. and strongly push for human rights in nations like Cuba.

Al Sharpton Worked As FBI Informant In The 80s

AFRICANGLOBE - Sharpton became an informant after he was caught on tape with a drug kingpin discussing cocaine deals, and the feds threatened him with charges unless he flipped and snitched on Mafia acquaintances, according to The Smoking Gun. In an interview on Monday, Sharpton disputed much of the report, saying he turned to authorities after receiving threats from Gambino family member Joseph (Joe Bana) Buonanno and others.

Malema Selected As EFF’s Presidential Candidate

AFRICANGLOBE - According to the EFF, the person to represent the party in the presidential elections is their leader, Julius Malema. This means that Juju, as he is commonly known, will most likely be drawn against the likes of Jacob Zuma

Voting Calm and Peaceful In Mali Presidential Election

AFRICANGLOBE - Voting is underway in Mali for a presidential election seen as the first step toward getting the country back on its feet after a disastrous 18 months that saw a military coup in the south and an Arab/Tuareg invasion of the north.

Leading Presidential Candidate Accuses ‘Shadowy’ Britain of Meddling In Kenya’s Election

AFRICANGLOBE - Uhuru Kenyatta, who is leading in Kenya's presidential race, has accused former colonial oppressor Britain of interfering in the East African nations' elections. In a statement, Kenyatta's party, the Jubilee Coalition, slammed the "shadowy, suspicious and rather animated involvement of the British High Commissioner to Kenya, Dr Christian Turner, in Kenya's 2013 general election."

Early Presidential Results In Kenyan Elections Released

AFRICANGLOBE - With nearly half of the votes counted in the just ended peaceful Kenyan elections, Uhuru Kenyatta (of the Jubilee Coalition) and his running mate are in the lead in what key observers believe is a crucial transition period in Kenya's democratic dispensation.

The Reasons Why Mitt Romney Lost the Election

What Mitt Romney discovered in this election is something that should be taped on the wall of every White presidential hopeful for years to come: If...

Obama Campaign Says Mitt Romney Is Either a Crook or a...

Mitt Romney wants you to know that both of these things are true: 1) He remained the “controlling person” in a number of Bain Capital...

NAACP Has Lost Its Relevance Says Herman Cain

Former Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain said Friday that while he is grateful for the past work of the NAACP, the organization has "lost...

Mitt Romney, NAACP Not So Cozy Relationship

Every Democratic or Republican president or presidential candidate since 1920 has either directly addressed the NAACP annual convention or sent a warm message. The...

All Panic As Muslim Brotherhood Flexes Its Muscles

AFRICANGLOBE - In Egypt, the Muslim Brotherhood has decided now is a good time to forget all that fluffy talk about unity and reconciliation and start showing who's really the boss. It's hijacking the constitutional assembly, forcing through its own presidential candidate and behaving obnoxiously. This is all within its right, but it's making everyone else very nervous. One almost feels sorry for Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood (MB). Despite the fact that during the long decades of Hosni Mubarak's rule the MB provided the only real opposition, it has very few friends either in Egypt or internationally.