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A New Dawn In Post-Elections Nigeria

AFRICANGLOBE - For 16 years, the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) dominated the political space like an octopus. Its leaders boasted that it will rule for 60 years. But yesterday, the table turned. In a free and fair election, power shifted to the main opposition party, the All Progressives Congress (APC), signaling the end of an era.

Presidential Election – Finally, Nigeria Decides Today

AFRICANGLOBE - Today is the D-day! Nigerians are trooping out en-masse to elect the next Nigerian president, Senators and members of the House of Representatives for the next four years. As early as 7 am, eligible voters are expected to to be at their polling units for accreditation through the card reader to clear voters for the voting proper.

Nigerian Presidential Candidates Urge Peaceful Elections

AFRICANGLOBE - In the renewed accord they jointly signed, Jonathan and Buhari reassured the world of their commitment to a violence-free presidential election on Saturday. In what was titled "Renewal of Our Pledges to Peaceful Elections", they also pledged to respect the outcome of free, fair and credible elections.

U.S. Accused Of Fueling Political Tension In Nigeria

AFRICANGLOBE - Move on Nigeria, a civic action group promoting democracy, transformation agenda and good governance in Nigeria has accused the Obama administration of fuelling political tension in Nigeria so as to achieve the US prediction of Nigeria’s disintegration this year.

Malians Await Results In Presidential Poll

AFRICANGLOBE - Malians await the outcome of a presidential election run-off they hope will usher in a new era of peace in the West African nation - with international montiors reporting satisfaction with voting conditions.

Malians Vote In Presidential Run-off Election

AFRICANGLOBE - Many expect Former Prime Minister Ibrahim Boubacar Keita, who won 40% of the vote in the first round, to defeat ex-Finance Minister Soumaila Cisse as Malians head to the polls in a presidential run-off.

Zimbabwe Election: Presidential Race Hots Up

AFRICANGLOBE - Presidential candidates spent the weekend hunting for votes in various parts of the country, with just 9 days to go before Zimbabwe's crucial elections.

Kenya Holds First Presidential Debate

AFRICANGLOBE - Three weeks before they go to the polls, millions of Kenyans watched and listened to the nation's first-ever presidential debate, with the two front-running candidates trading barbs over the looming trial of one of them in the International Criminal Court.

U.S. Seeing Highest Rates of Poverty in 50 Years

The level of poverty in the United States has likely risen to levels not seen since President Lyndon B. Johnson initiated the War on...

Senegal’s Opposition Unite Against Wade

Senegal President Abdoulaye Wade, who asked for three more years to complete the Senegalese 'renaissance' his administration had begun in 2000, is not having...

Poverty in America: The Subject Presidential Candidates Would Prefer to Ignore

U.S. decline in the world is no longer just a trend, but a fact. Cold statistics tell us that our young people “will never experience the prosperity we, their parents, did.” Yet, amidst growing misery, the American electoral process is flush with cash. “GOP candidates spent $12.5 million on television ads in Iowa alone, and Obama is raising a $1 billion war chest to fight the election.” Rich people’s money buys silence on poverty.

Liberia Goes to the Polls Today

Liberia stands on the portal of another crucial political era and the citizens are the ultimate arbiter and finisher of what is to come. The D-Day is today, October 11, the time set aside by the Constitution of Liberia for Liberians to either renew the democratic mandate of an incumbent leadership or bring into state governance a new breed of national leaders.