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This Is Why ‘Superpredator’ Hillary Clinton Lost The Election

AFRICANGLOBE - When you study the results and the politics of the just concluded U.S. Presidential Election there is this treasure trove of valuable information that if properly understood explains exactly why Hillary Clinton lost the election.

10 Reasons Why Trump’s Win Is ‘White Supremacy’s Last Stand In...

AFRICANGLOBE - Political commentator Danielle Moodie-Mills doesn't believe sexism played as large a role in Hillary Clinton's tragic loss as most left wing pundits have claimed. "I do not believe that this is people saying I couldn't possibly have a woman in this role," Mills said following Trump's big win. "This is so much bigger than that," she continued. "...and I will say it because I have literally nothing left to lose tonight.. this is literally white supremacy's last stand in America."

KKK Leader David Duke Congratulates Donald Trump

AFRICANGLOBE - Former Ku Klux Klan Grand Wizard, David Duke, has congratulated Donald Trump, describing his victory in the US presidential election as "one of the most exciting nights of my life." Duke, who unsuccessfully ran for Louisiana Senate, told his Twitter followers: “Make no mistake about it, our people have played a HUGE role in electing Trump!”

Trump Won, Blacks At Fault? – The Gantt Report

AFRICANGLOBE - I told you what would happen and you knew this but the political party and political candidates that you love were absolutely clueless! White nationalism won the election and in our case, the only way to deal with white nationalism is Black empowerment and Black nationalism! What we need is Pan Africanism! What we need is Black unity and Black leaders that have an international view and perspective.

Regardless Of Who Wins The Election, Nothing Will Change!

AFRICANGLOBE - It’s Election Day and the sky isn’t falling. Your money still has some value for the moment, and the zombie apocalypse has not yet begun. Rest assured, no matter who wins the presidency, not much is going to change. That’s because those with real power and influence in the United States are still pulling the strings and calling the shots, not only in government, but in the free market, in banking, in natural resources, and in the war machine.

Big Problem For Clinton: Black Voters Are Not Turning Out

AFRICANGLOBE - Black turnout in early voting fell this year in some key states, compared to turnout four years ago. If Black turnout continues to decline this year, it could spell trouble for Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton, whose lead over Donald Trump has tightened after the FBI announced it would be investigating newly-uncovered e-mails related to Clinton's private server.

Donna Brazile Fired From CNN For Allegedly Leaking Debate Questions To...

AFRICANGLOBE - Democratic party chair Donna Brazile is no longer at CNN, as WikiLeaks revealed that she sent debate questions to Hillary Clinton’s campaign at least twice. Confirming Brazile’s dismissal, CNN said it was “completely uncomfortable” with her conduct. Brazile’s role as a Democratic pundit at CNN was suspended in July, when she took on the role of interim chair for the Democratic National Committee following the scandal-ridden departure of Debbie Wasserman-Schultz.

Pimp Preachers In Politics – The Gantt Report

AFRICANGLOBE - There are more religious leaders involved in the 2016 Elections than in any other election in recent times. Their involvement is more than letting a political devil stand up and speak at Black churches. It is more than carrying a bus load of congregation members to early voting sites. It is more than allowing political devils to cover your cars in church parking lots with unrequested and unwanted political literature. Nowadays, Pastors, Priests, Bishops, Imams and others are going on TV, on Radio and on the world wide web giving endorsements, participating in commercials and praising or criticizing the candidates that they love or hate!

Obama’s Condescending Speech Telling Blacks That Not Voting For Hillary Is...

AFRICANGLOBE - President Obama gave his final speech to the Congressional Black Caucus gala on Saturday, in what turned out to be a condescending plea to the Black community to vote for Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton so his legacy could be continued. Mr. Obama said he would consider it a “personal insult” if African-American voters didn’t turn out for Mrs. Clinton and that all the progress the country has made over the last eight years, under his reign, was on the line.

Donald Trump Ahead Of Hillary Clinton In New Poll

AFRICANGLOBE - Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump landed just ahead of Democrat Hillary Clinton in a new national poll released Tuesday, which showed the real estate mogul chiseling away at his opponent's former lead.

They Say Trump Couldn’t Win — The Polls Tell A Different...

AFRICANGLOBE - Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton leads her Republican rival Donald Trump in the presidential campaign this Labor Day Weekend, but their dramatic race is tightening and set to intensify after the holiday.

Homie The Black Political Clown – The Gantt Report

AFRICANGLOBE - When political parties control Black candidates and tell them what to do, what to say, what to vote for and who they should hire, the Black voters and the Black people will continue to be exploited and oppressed. If you are interested in politics, start grooming our young people. Teach Black youth how to campaign and generate votes. Teach Black boys and girls how to be strong, proud and politically intelligent Black men and women.

A Vote For Trump Is A Vote For Racism?

AFRICANGLOBE - Stand by Trump and you stand for racism. Stand by Trump and you will be forever defined by your capitulation to a man who, has proven throughout the past year, that he wants to take America in a dangerous – and un-American – direction.”

Nigeria’s Elections – Africa’s Shining Moment

AFRICANGLOBE - Against considerable odds, INEC, Nigeria’s independent electoral commission, played a key role in delivering credible elections. The implications run deep. This glimpse of institutional strength speaks powerfully about Nigeria’s future as the African economic powerhouse that might yet emerge with continued, sustained reforms.

A New Dawn In Post-Elections Nigeria

AFRICANGLOBE - For 16 years, the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) dominated the political space like an octopus. Its leaders boasted that it will rule for 60 years. But yesterday, the table turned. In a free and fair election, power shifted to the main opposition party, the All Progressives Congress (APC), signaling the end of an era.

Presidential Election – Finally, Nigeria Decides Today

AFRICANGLOBE - Today is the D-day! Nigerians are trooping out en-masse to elect the next Nigerian president, Senators and members of the House of Representatives for the next four years. As early as 7 am, eligible voters are expected to to be at their polling units for accreditation through the card reader to clear voters for the voting proper.