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The Swirling Tendencies Of Black Women: They Are Justifying It With...

AFRICANGLOBE - Since the period of slavery when rape was perpetuated by the slave masters, social relations in Brazil occurred largely between white men and Black women. Even during post-slavery this dynamic of relations between Black women and white men continued. For it is more feasible for a Black woman to have relations with white men, because they enjoy more social privileges and more favorable financial conditions. What is there to say about the many domestic servants who were often forced to have relations with their white bosses to keep their jobs, and often times this kind of relationship was consensual.

Anti-Blackness And The Brazilian Elections

AFRICANGLOBE - It is clear from the results of the latest Brazilian elections that antiblack hatred remains an effective symbolic and practical political tool. And it’s evident that Bolsonaro’s political bloc represents the intensification of the ways in which collective aversion of the most vulnerable—Black and nonblack—is expressed and condoned.