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Epic Petroleum Plans To Relieve Nigeria’s Fuel Scarcity Woes

Without seeking subsidy to import petroleum products, Epic Refinery and Petrochemicals Company Limited, a Nigerian oil company, has revealed plans to import refined fuel and sell at 75 naira ($0.48)...

Africa: A Second Chance for a Green Revolution

As the world searches desperately for ways to boost food production by at least 70 percent by 2050 to feed an increasingly hungry planet,...

We Are on the Brink of Another Global Food Crisis

At the start of July, a record global harvest was predicted. Yet just a few weeks later, prices for maize and soybeans broke the...

Are We Facing Another Global Food Crisis?

The worst drought to hit the USA in over half a century has sent international food prices climbing again. Prices for corn and soybeans...

South Sudan’s Inflation Drops to 48 Percent

South Sudan's inflation, which in December of last year stood at a whopping 65.6% dropped to 47.8% in January, the country's national bureau of...

Khartoum Sells South Sudan’s Oil At Discount As Juba Vows to...

South Sudan has threatened litigation against those who purchase its oil from neighboring Sudan after Khartoum reportedly sold crude seized from the newly independent state at millions of dollars discount. A bitter dispute between the recently separated countries over the fees land-locked South Sudan should pay for the use of Sudan's pipeline infrastructure to export its oil has escalated dramatically in recent weeks after Juba accused Khartoum of diverting oil to its refineries and blocking shipments.

Climate Change Set To Worsen Global Food Crises – Oxfam

AFRICANGLOBE - Storms and droughts that have unleashed dangerous surges in food prices could be a "grim foretaste" of what lies ahead when climate change bites more deeply, Oxfam said on Monday.

SA banks approve more home loans

The ability to obtain financing is one of the biggest drivers in the property market, so the consistent improvements are positive for the market

Zimbabwe Reconsidering a Gold-Backed Local Currency

  WHEN Reserve Bank chief Gideon Gono announced plans to introduce a new gold-backed local currency two years ago, the move caused a furore of...