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Israel Failed Ethiopian Community, President Says

AFRICANGLOBE - Between 1979 and 1990 Israel organized several transports of Ethiopian Jews to Israel via Sudan. Hundreds or, by some estimates, thousands of people died on the trip from Ethiopia to the Sudanese camps from where they left to Israel. However, many in the community say that upon reaching Israel, they were met with a country that did not do enough to integrate them into society.

Israel Must Free The Holot Prisoners

AFRICANGLOBE - It would be difficult to imagine a greater blow to Judaism than the shameless remark by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that the protection of the human rights of African asylum seekers is harmful to the rights of the Jewish people (Netanyahu used the made-up word le’om – “nation”).

After Saudi Arabia Israel Now Target Ethiopians

AFRICANGLOBE - As Ethiopians expelled from Saudi Arabia continue filing back into the country, Israel is also planning the mass expulsion of Ethiopians, possibly as early as January 2014. Some 60,000 migrants from different African countries - particularly Eritrea and Sudan, which makes up the lion's share at some 90 pc of the total - have entered Israel in recent years through the Sinai Peninsula.

Israel in ‘Advanced’ Talks With Four Countries Over Deal to Expel...

AFRICANGLOBE - Last week, a senior Israeli official said an African country has agreed to take in Eritrean labor migrants living in Israel if Israel gives them military assistance first

Israel To Expel Thousands Of African Migrants To Unidentified Third Country

AFRICANGLOBE - Israel has struck a deal to expel thousands of African immigrants to an unnamed country in return for supplying it with military aid, the Yediot Aharonot newspaper said on Wednesday.

Israelis Attack Africans

It's Saturday night in south Tel Aviv. Amine Zegata, a 36-year-old refugee from Eritrea is reopening the small bar he owns in the HaTikva...

Israel Orders Swift Deportation of 25,000 Africans – Detention Camps for...

AFRICANGLOBE - Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu ordered his ministers to accelerate efforts to deport citizens of South Sudan, speaking at Sunday's cabinet meeting, Netanyahu said that while it is not possible to expel citizens of Eritrea and Sudan, whose lives would be at risk in their home countries, holding facilities for them must be built in the Negev as quickly as possible.