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China’s Million-Migrant March Into Africa

AFRICANGLOBE - Africans across the continent complain about the “Chinese propensity for bribery and corruption, for shoddy goods and for cutting corners,” according to French. This is often evident in construction projects, where roads and buildings quickly become dilapidated. Because they consistently underbid all competitors, provide financing and are adept at the art of greasing palms, however, Chinese firms own the infrastructure sector, a major conduit for migrants working on such projects eager to escape grim prospects back home.

Japan Takes On China Far From Home—In Africa

AFRICANGLOBE - After rattling its saber in a territorial dispute over the Senkaku/Diaoyu Islands in the East China Sea, Japan is taking its rivalry with China to Africa

Japan To Invest $32bn In Resource-Rich Africa

AFRICANGLOBE - Japan has promised financial assistance to resource-rich African nations totalling $32 billion for investment in infrastructure and mineral resource development, in its bid to get its share in the new economic scramble for African markets and resources.

France, Japan Form Alliance Targeting Chinese Influence In Africa

AFRICANGLOBE - Paris and Tokyo agreed to set up a joint committee to discuss the development of military equipment and management of weapons exports. Japan is reportedly interested in particular in French military technology such as next-generation helicopters, submarine propulsion and underwater drones.

Between China And Japan, A Tug-Of-War Over Africa

AFRICANGLOBE - Diplomatic tensions between China and Japan showed no signs of abating this past week as the two countries traded barbs over Africa. On Thursday, Lu Shaye, head of the Chinese Foreign Ministry’s African affairs department, defended China’s engagement in the continent. China is “sincere,” Mr. Lu said, “unlike some countries” that he said are driven by self-interest and politics.