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East Africa Seen As New Frontier for Natural Gas Production

East Africa has emerged as the new frontier for natural gas production, boosted by offshore discoveries in Mozambique, Tanzania and Madagascar, a report by...

South Sudan Orders Oil Companies to Resume Production

South Sudan on Thursday issued an order instructing foreign and national companies involved in oil industry to immediately resume production and exports through the...

South Sudan: Resumption of Oil Production Could Take a Year

South Sudan hopes to resume oil production through neighbouring Sudan after taking its unilateral decision to shut down oil production in January, accusing Khartoum...

South Sudan to Resume Oil Production

South Sudan will resume oil production especially the Upper Nile in September, Sudan's lead negotiator at the African Union Pegan Amum has said. South Sudan and...

China Steps Up Production in Ethiopia With Drill Instructors and Investors

On arrival at Ethiopia's Eastern Industrial Zone, 36 young African factory workers in red track suits are parading military-style in the car park. "Welcome to Huajian,"...

Bashir Says Juba Committing ‘Suicide’ By Shutting Down Oil Production

The Sudanese president Omer Hassan al-Bashir blasted the South Sudan government saying that their decision to suspend oil production amounts to "suicide". "They closed...

South Sudan Shuts Down Oil Production and Accuses the North of...

The government of the Republic of South Sudan has decided to shut down all its oil production throughout the country in response to the action by Khartoum which confiscated the oil as it flows through North Sudan pipelines. The resolution was passed today in the Council of Ministers meeting chaired by President Salva Kiir Mayardit. The minister of Petroleum and Mining, Stephen Dhiew, was directed by the Council to immediately workout the technicalities of shutting down the oil operations.

Nigerian Oil Production Soars

Nigeria's crude oil export has recorded a major boost as Shell Petroleum Development Company (SPDC) has lifted force majeure on about 300,000 barrels per...

Uganda to Begin Oil Production This Year, Says Tullow

Glover said the refinery project is expected to be finalised in three to five years. The company has described the area in Bunyoro where oil has been discovered as a "world class basin".

Poor States Should Start Campaign to Extend Patent Rights

Pharmaceutical industries in emerging markets are shifting their focus away from poor to developed countries, which will affect access to cheap generic medicines. Poor states should tackle this development by capitalising on the international trade exemptions

Expert Calls for Irrigation to Increase Tea Production in Tanzania

Production by some estates will be a little bit up because of increased care, and volumes from Usambara in the north will improve because of a replanting programme