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Why Sudan’s Arab Spring is a Fantasy

Why has Sudan not yet witnessed a massive protest similar to those that toppled the dictatorial governments of Tunisia, Egypt, Libya and Yemen. What...

South African Bloodbath Exposes Economic Frustration

Discontent has been brewing for months in South Africa's mining industry. What started with a demand for higher wages ended on Thursday in a...

Will Political Instability in Sudan Lead to Military Adventurism?

It appears that the Arab Spring is finally reaching Sudan as the NCP regime grapples with economic and political turmoil being manifested by student-led...

Student Protests Erupt in Khartoum and Other Sudanese Towns

Sporadic demonstrations erupted in Sudan's capital Khartoum on Sunday as well as other parts of the country in protest against rising costs of living,...

Ethiopian Jews Plan To Take Protest To New York

AFRICANGLOBE - As Ethiopian activists expressed satisfaction over Wednesday's demonstration in Tel Aviv, a new battle line has emerged for Ethiopian Jews targeting discrimination in Israel: New York. Educator and activist Benjamin Aklom is targeting the Big Apple after recognizing the influence of overseas Jewish communities on Israel.

Ethiopian Jews Protest Israeli Gov’t Decision To Reduce Jewish Immigration From...

AFRICANGLOBE - Up to 1,000 Ethiopian-born Jews protested Sunday opposite the Israel's Immigrant Absorption Ministry over a recent government recommendation to reduce the number of new Ethiopian Jews (olim) arriving each month. The immigrants, or Falash Mura (Ethiopian Jews whose ancestors converted to Judaism centuries ago) – many of whom still have family members living in Ethiopia – called on the government to keep the commitment it made a year ago to wind up aliya from the East African Nation within the next three years