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Deadly Protests Continues In Haiti

AFRICANGLOBE - Opposition demonstrators in Haiti have burnt tyres and thrown stones, urging President Jovenel Moise to step down. At least four people have been killed and dozens injured in four days of protests in the capital Port-au-Prince and other cities.

Zuma Government Behind Anti-African Protests In South Africa?

AFRICANGLOBE - "Let the world know by the South African government refusing to let these peaceful foreigners and loving South Africans who are in solidarity saying no to xenophobia...The message is clear, the person who is shooting is the person behind the trigger. "It's clear South African government is behind this xenophobia." Mpinda said it was confusing why the Presidency would not allow protesters to hand over their memorandum, but had allowed a march against foreigners to continue on February 24.

Proposed New Bill Would Charge Protesters With “Economic Terrorism”

AFRICANGLOBE - Rather than working to abolish some of the thousands of illogical, irrational laws in the United States one legislator dreamed up yet another means to give us a criminal record — “economic terrorism.” Washington State Senator Doug Ericksen has prepared a bill for next year’s legislative session that would create a new crime of economic terrorism,” the senator’s website states. “The measure would allow felony prosecution of those who intentionally break the law in an attempt to intimidate or coerce private citizens or the government by obstructing economic activity.”

Egypt Using Protesters To Destabilize Ethiopia

AFRICANGLOBE - Ethiopia said Monday that "foreign enemies" like Egypt were behind an unprecedented wave of protests that has prompted the government to declare a six-month state of emergency. Ethiopia's government is facing the biggest challenge of its 25 years in power, with anti-government protests spreading.

Breaking News – Sudan Protests Start Amid Reports of Crackdown

Protests broke out as planned following Friday's prayer in different parts of Sudan's capital Khartoum as well as two regional towns amid reports of...

Protests in Sudan Grows Despite Bashir’s Speech

The Sudanese capital has become the scene for growing protests against austerity measures of the government of President Omar al Bashir. The protests started last...