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Public Opinion Is Turning Against Israel In America

AFRICANGLOBE - The Israeli government has decided it couldn’t care less about the American administration, governments in Europe and the public opinion. The growing support in the US for sanctions against Israel is setting off alarm bells, but the government doesn’t hear a thing.

Here’s Proof That Black Lives Matter Protests Are Working

AFRICANGLOBE - If the purpose of protest is to move the needle of public opinion on a particular issue, the Black Lives Matter movement can be considered a success so far, according to a new Washington Post poll. If the poll’s numbers are accurate, many more Americans are concerned about black rights than were a year ago, before Ferguson.

A Roadshow Like No Other: Exploited Marikana Miners, Looking To Win...

AFRICANGLOBE - Striking platinum miners have taken to the road, touring South Africa in the hope of winning over public opinion towards their cause – and generating funds to sustain workers who have now been without pay for over four months.

Futuristic Technology A Cause For Concern

AFRICANGLOBE - A recent report released by the Pew Research Center, which sought to gauge public opinion about our rapidly changing world, found that while people are generally upbeat about anticipated developments in science and technology, there’s no shortage of apprehension.